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We are committed to lifting up and celebrating the truth in each of us. Growth can be challenging but is the ​only way to feel supremely alive and inline with our truest desires that tug ​at living in the "here and now". Like fingerprints we are each unique and have something distinctly different to bring to this time and space, so we challenge you to "bring it" in a way that is bold, truthful and free.
​​Join us as we share stories, insights, and the tools and resources that will be necessary to feel free and fully empowered. Free to not simply survive but thrive. The next story we share may likely be YOURS.
​So, who are we?

​​  We are teachers, not parents.
  We are mentors, not counselors.
  We are leaders, not enablers.
  We are change agents, not martyrs.
  We empower, we don’t employ.
Key Contibutors