blogging...a steady stream of thoughts, pictures, consciousness:   ​​an uncensored, uninhibited, unknown source of aware (or not so aware) thoughts, experiences, desires, dreams, do's, don'ts, and "been there, done that's". Some call it fools play and others name it wisdom. You, the reader, can decide for yourself and if nothing else, may it inspire your own stream of consciousness. 

right where you are...perfect
have you ever felt lost and called someone up to get directions? the first thing they ask is "well, where are you?" and "where do you want to go?" Huh, sometimes the greatest challenge is stopping to acknowledge - where am I? and then, where DO I want to go?

where are you in time and space, in relationship to your 'home'or desired destination. where are you in your life, along your journey, in relationship to others and in relationship to where you want to go??!

one of the next likely questions, "how are you moving" or "what is moving you?" in the world that may mean on foot, by car, bus, train, a passenger, in the front seat or back etc. In your life the questions are the same but the answers may be a bit more difficult to ascertain. What is moving you right now? fear, desire, hope, connection, love, hate, drama, excitement, pain, trust...all of these, none of these? Is this movement sustainable? Does it fuel you and carry you to the next destination no matter when it will appear in the distance of your life.

Take the time to ask yourself...

where am i in my life? are you surprised by what you see?
--- are you lost? or found?
what is moving you through life most days?
--- is this your preferred mode of transportation?
--- are you in the driver seat?
--- does it feel good to travel this way?
where are you headed and what is your next destination?
--- is it time to re-calibrate and make a plan?
--- will you take the scenic route?
--- how fast do you want to get there?
--- what are you willing to do to make it happen?
--- what stands in your way? (Caution: Detour Ahead)

this is my stream of consciousness on a Monday. on this day I have more questions than answers but it is a good place to start, right where I am...perfect.

I hope this meets you right where you are...perfect!

stream of consciousness (beta)
It is that time again...

i have been off and on with my own personal blog since 2004 and it seems that i have a hard time holding the space for words...thoughts and feelings unleashed.

it is not that i am short on thoughts, musings, dreams, wishes, hopes, fears, insights etc., so why is it so hard to write them down and share them? Not just for me but for you too, i imagine.

a stream of consciousness (SOC) is my next attempt to let it rip. All of IT.

"IT" defined:
- something very real but hard to define
- the one and the many
- the process and the result
- the big and the small
- the sum and the part
- the one and the all
- the you and the me
- the head and the heart
- the beginning and the end

as I write this I am curiously amused that you are IT, I am IT, WE ARE IT. We are the point and the purpose. The one and the many, the process and the result, the big and the small, the sum and the part, the one and the all, the head and the heart, the beginning and the end.

just being IT is enough. I challenge myself to be IT along with you today, tomorrow - on and on.

so, here we go again - a daring adventure...i wouldn't have it any other way!

until the next - SOC IT to your day!

the great escape!
balls in the air
hair on fire
running in place
ready, GO, set...

learn on the fly
try something -
oops, try again
sound familiar?

- grounded
- balanced
- focused
- simple
- not always, easy

what's next...
- to do list?
- goals, desires?
- take out the trash!
choose, move!

- counting on me
- me, on them
the chicken AND the egg

make a call
- wait for an answer
- hold please
- do it yourself
get it done!

be content
- increase
- decrease
- stand still
- danger

the great escape...
keep your focus
- gratitude
- service
- leadership
- innocence

a thought
a word
a moment
a gift
a difference
a bundance!


A riddle for the day
What is...
too tall
too small
too short
too big?
too hot
too smart
too cold
too slow?
too nice
too strong
too hard
too soft?
too bright
too light
too dark
too heavy?
too bold
too trusting
too quiet
too blunt?
too old
too happy
too young
too, too much...

Answer: Not YOU!

Be kind, and be "too-You" Today!


Falling into FALL
Yep, I said it FALL, it has arrived! And in full disclosure, I am falling into this season kicking and screaming. It's true, I am NOT READY to give up Summer yet. I am living for the days that Summer shows itself just one more time, if only for an afternoon. In fact, I am building my schedule around the weather...I know, denial, I need to simply let go and allow.

So, my message for today is Let Go, and Allow. Hold on to the wonder of the recent summer, smile greatly on the bright, sunny, warm days that have brought us here and embrace the arrival of the end of a cycle. Fall is a gift of its own to the truth of all that is. The reality that we must let go and move into the falling away and death of a season so we can have re-birth, renewal and a regeneration of ourselves, right along with nature. Each season of our life arrives, right on time and my own kicking and screaming will not make it different. In this moment of transition, I encourage you (and myself) take time to think about preparing for the winter, the death of the summer so that renewal will come in its own time, ahhhh Spring!

What does Fall mean to you and how will you prepare for the wonder of Winter?? Join me in embracing all that is...Fall (for now)!


Indulgent Day - Lucky 13!
It's another media day at Kryschendo and we are talking all things Oh-So indulgent! Today is International Chocolate Day and who can resist a great piece of chocolate (check out The Hot Minute under media for more on that)?? In addition, its Friday the 13th - Yay! One of the most mysterious and yet superstitious days of the year, do not fear, the Universe is on your side!

Much has been written and even more has been feared about the number 13, especially when it lands on a Friday. But fear not, the energies of the universe are on your side and you can create this, 'a great day', if you can choose it?!

Krystene will be covering more on this topic in her show, the thrU line, LIVE today at 9am PST on Listen up and join me in the chat room as she welcomes Radleigh Valentine, who will hold the HOT SEAT this week. True to its name, the hot seat has become a feared but welcome place for each of its visitors. Speaking from my own personal experience, the Hot Seat was an honor and a privilege that few opportunities have afforded me. A chance to 'keep it Real', share my story, receive the love and support of thousands in the ethers, and open up to all that is - You, Me, the Universe!

With that said, I am encouraging you to Keep It Real, live your life Indulgently - Abundantly, share your story with others and be open to the love and support of those around you, even if they can't choose to walk with you on your path! Freedom, Happiness and Authenticity - all a choice you can make today...what do you choose and can you live it?

I am cheering you on! Choose it now, today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year --- over and over again! Protect YOU with your life and don't let anyone dip into your Kool-Aid as you make the choice not to dip into theirs, each recipe is unique. Celebrate and Indulge in that today!

See you in the chat room,


Life is about the HOT SEAT
On The Thru Line today, LIVE at 9am PST on, Krystene has another guest in the Hot Seat. Be sure to listen and learn from one of 12's own, Tracie Kleiner!

The HOT SEAT has become a marker for Krystene and The Thru Line so I wanted to take a moment and chat about it. After my own experience last week in that 'same spot' I am in a place where I can appreciate what it means to live your life in the hot seat. Here are my takeaways that may serve you right where you are:

You are the one! You are the ONLY one that is in the hot seat of your own life. Sure, there are many times when we find ourselves looking around at the people and circumstances in life that have a grip on us. We blame them, we curse them, we love and hate them, we are stopped by them, we are changed by them, we are limited by them...the question is what now? You are the ONLY one that can make the difference and the truth is, if you don't like the life you are living than make a Choice. Make a choice to make it different.

So - Choice! Many times I am in conversation with my clients and they say, "I don't have a choice, this is my life". I get it, I have been there many times and for many years but the truth of the matter is that you DO have a choice and that is a critical and necessary step for you to 'arrive at' NOW. Do you acknowledge the life you are living and the key role you have played to get there? Can you recognize the choices you have made that got you here? And, can you celebrate all the amazing ways you have discovered, who you are and why you are here?? Try it, it just may change the trajectory of your life. It is critically important if you desire a life lived ON PURPOSE.

It is time and you are the one, the only one that can make this choice for your life. It may feel like you are alone, I am here to tell you that is simply not true. If you have made it to this blog and this website you already have a whole group of people and energy in your corner. Kryschendo was built to support this journey and find you right where you are. In addition, the 'all that is' is 'all that you are' - You are part of the Universal Oneness concept. There is no true divide between you and 'all that is'. If you feel alone then you are disconnected from the very fact of this life experience - The great I AM! The I AM that says, You are LOVE, You are Abundance, You are Creation, You are Amazing in all ways and You are Powerful beyond measure. That which you seek is yourself, that which you will find is 'all that is'.

I know blah, blah, blah - again, I get it - I have been there. Having been there I can tell you it is true and the truth for me, for you and for 'all that is'.

Contemplate your navel? - yes, and contemplate the thoughts from this blog. What do you believe and what are you willing to do about it now? The choice is yours and ONLY yours. We are rooting for you!! 'Go YOU, and live the life you are excited to create today!' after all, the hot seat is about you :)

Until next time,


the hot seat awaits!
It has been an amazing month of 'inspiration in action' with Krystene on The Thru Line, LIVE every Friday on (9am PST). If you have missed it check it out in the archives.

In an effort to wrap-up this month I am joining Krystene to share my thoughts and my own experiences with inspiration. A truly unique point of view, that is true for everyone. What inspires you is a loaded question but one worthy of exploring as you feel pulled to understand - Who are you? and Why are you here?

So, before we let this roll I wanted to share my thoughts on the themes I have been hearing this month. These themes were consistent across the guests and I believe consistent for each and everyone of us as we seek to live, in-spirit, each and every day!


Keep you and your life REAL! No illusions of self will serve you, no wishing you were another way will make it so and no attempt to dim your light so that others feel better will get you to the life YOU want to live.

Society will imprint itself on you from the very beginning. You are 'stuffed full' of things that your family, friends, society believe is true about you and how you are to behave. What do you believe? And, can you embrace it? With that said, allow others to have their beliefs and know that you and they will need to protect those beliefs for pure survival.

In this process you WILL, You MUST - make a CHOICE! Choose the life that is all about you even when no one else can support you.

You are not alone or abandoned here so ASK for the help that you need. ASK for the signs and people that will support you, right where you are.

Keep fears at bay...and they will show. Resistance is a gift to push you to understand WHY you are doing what you are doing. The desire and belief in all that you are will need to be greater than any of the fears that will show to stop you. Put those fears out into the light of day and watch them turn into smoke.

Let me know if you think I am missing something and take the time to listen and learn from the great shows from this month, The Thru Line - found under the media tab at

Share your voice with all of us! Join us in the chat room in 30 minutes, Live,

Happy Labor Day Weekend,


Inspiration continued
Can there be enough inspiration in this world??? IMO, NO, NEVER! So why not continue the conversation in blog...

Today on Krystene's show, The Thru Line, she is connecting with Mark Husson on the topic of Inspiration, what inspires him and how did it drive him to do the many amazing things we all benefit from today. I am sure it will offer seeds of growth for each and everyone listening.

This month of Inspiration on The Thru Line is definitely working on me to be very thought filled about what truly gives me hope, drive, passion and initiative to do, well, anything! I have been very quiet on the digital air waves for just that reason. I am not interested in sharing just another ol' thought but one that I am truly inspired to share. One that will fuel the human spirit and fill the world with life, life worth living! So much life filled energy that you can't sit still, you can't wait for the next minute because you know another miracle is about to show itself to you. The truth is that miracles happen every day if only you are able to see it.

Inspiration...what inspires you now?? Hope=Inspiration and is simply you acting 'in-spirit', in the 'all that you are', in the truth of all that is for you. Answer the question, write it down and then DO something about it. Make something happen, anything, is great enough. BE, in spirit then Do, accordingly. There are no possible mistakes to be made here but to NOT DO in-line with your truth. Have FAITH, the best, right thing WILL happen for you as you DO, and Trust that it will be greater than you could have ever HOPEd for in the first place.

see you in the chat room at 9am! share your voice, make some waves...

Inspiration Month - Again, It's a choice!
We make hundreds and thousands of decisions each and every day. Free will is the greatest freedom we have in this time and space. Of course, the act of free will itself is also, a choice. Choosing to survive, thrive or not to be alive is ever present and the most singularly critical choice you will make, again and again and again...every day.

On The Thru Line radio show today Krystene kicked off a month of Inspiration. She invited Tamara Childs of 'Your Inspired Life' to join her to kickoff the conversation. A key point called out by Tamara that resonated inside of me was this idea for herself of 'making the choice' to live an inspired life. YES! Simple and yet not easy as we roll along this path of seeking greater understanding, awareness and expansion. There are no mistakes you can make here - None. Each choice point will bring us to another and another...if you don't like the life you are living then make another choice.

All said, I would like to offer something I shared at the following link during Krystene's show:

A letter and commitment to self and the great knowingness of self found in the spirit of all that we are. I will summarize the choices made here:

I choose to break my self-imposed barriers of my humanness.
I choose to express my spiritual honesty.
I choose to be the quiet warrior within.
I choose to a be one with Great Spirit.
I choose to use wise discernment.
I choose people and projects of substance.
I choose to be free of comparison of self.
I choose to see the possibilities.
I choose actions that fulfill the greatest good for all.
I choose to honor those who have gone before me, the ancestral lineage whose courage, sacrifice and convictions still live in my blood and in my bones.
I choose a love that has no agenda.
I choose the sacredness of laughter, knowing that the greatest healing force that exists reverberates from the vibration of this holy and irreplaceable gift.
I choose to be grateful.

Pick one, pick several, pick them all! Make the choice and you will find inspiration, the very essence of self BEing in spirit. Share your story with us and inspire others to make a choice for themselves.

Share your voice, make some waves!


Choose to be Inspired...
We all live crazy hectic lives. None of us gets to escape it and in truth why would we ever want to? It is in the chaos of our life that we are able to find and know peace, love, faith, hope, joy, abundance, etc.

On Krystene's show today, The Thru Line, LIVE at 9am PST on, we will be wrapping a month long discussion that gets at the heart of the matter. YOU: Inspired by the very essence of the truth of who you are and why you are here. Now, as per usual, you get to choose. To live your life in chaos for chaos sake or to be inspired by the process of finding the peace of knowing oneself amidst the chaos or instability of life. Chaos theory is the transition between order and disorder, it is often brought up in the context of weather or the theory is discussed as the butterfly effect. The sensitive dependence on initial conditions where a small change in that simple, linear and seemingly static condition can result in a dramatic and impactful change at some point in the future.

What effect are you going to have today? Make the choice knowing that the sun will rise with each new day, that the flow of life is there to assist you along your path and the fire that burns inside of you is just waiting to be flamed by the fan of self-empowerment, truth and inspiration.

What choice do you make and remember that making No choice at all is still a choice. And believing that you have No Choice is also a reality you create for you now. If you don't like your reality then find what inspires you. Connect to what is true to all that you are and feed it like a starving child. Nurture it's growth to be bold, strong, independent and alive 'tomorrow'. Make the choice today and know that this seemingly quiet and solo choice today will have great impact on you and the world, at some point in the future.

Join us in the chat room of, share your voice - make some waves!!


Get up

Ur Here
Ur Ready
Ur Set

Not tomorrow
Not next week
Not next year

Not them
Not they
Not us

Moon day
2 day
Ur day



Happy Monday,


have an attitude about life
As Kenny Rogers would say, 'you have to know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away and know when to run.' Absolutely true for all of us as we go through life and living our own, self-determined life. I use 'determined' by choice because the attitude I want to focus on for this entry is DETERMINATION. OR the simple act of coming to a decision, the quality of being resolute, firmness of purpose, the act of making up your mind about something, a fixed movement toward an object or end.

Living a life filled with an attitude of determination is the secret in the sauce for each of us. Krystene is touching on this in her show in 30 minutes, The Thru Line, over at, LIVE 9am PST. The process of choosing yourself as well as tackling the belief systems that hold you in place have been covered by us and a million other people before us. The critical element that makes the difference is your attitude of determination and knowing what in life will drive you to HOLD on, FOLD and wait for you next hand to be dealt, WALK or even RUN away, when it simply does not resonate with all that you are. So ask yourself - what is so critically important to who you are and why you are here that you will simply 'hold on' with all of your might??? What things are simply sucking up your time and you decide to pass on it until you see another shift? And lastly, what do you need to run from because it does not serve you or your path?

Find and define what you are willing to throw all of yourself at it...tenacity, persistence, bold perseverance, courage, dedication, heart, soul etc. Now what is stopping you? That is the thing you run from!

Have a great weekend all!


ok, so this one is likely loaded and also short for today but rant I must. How is it that we have made it to a time and place where 'doing something yourself' is equivalent to some kind of impossible quest like putting a man on the moon, living past 100 (let alone 50), breaking the 4 min mile or winning the lottery with 5 cents in your pocket. While each of these were once thought impossible (and irresponsible), they all have been proven more than possible --- over and over again. For many, the thought of making something happen, doing something incredible - by their own influence, energy, drive and passion - is as likely as placing your feet on lunar dust, writing - I WAS HERE! This would assume you would make the bold, mandatory DIY step to have no regard for the cloud of judgment, resentment, entitlement, and lack of fulfillment that holds you in place, today.

There's the saying, 'if you want something done you better do it yourself'. In many ways this is absolutely correct. If you want something that will satisfy your dreams, wishes, expectations, excitement and energy for any given matter of this world then yes, do it yourself. After all, who are you waiting on to make it happen?? What is stopping you? AND, Why are you listening?

In today's world of instant ON, digital, virtual access to almost anything and everything you can imagine the only thing left is you and your wild imagination to dream up, design, build and make real the next great 'thing' that the world needs now. The world needs more of YOU and the amazing, wonderful, miraculous gifts only you have to share in this time and space. There is no one to call, this job cannot be delegated and there is only one person qualified for this ultimate DIY project - YOU.

DIY = Doing LIFE Yourself! In your own unique way without permission, excuses, apologies or hesitation. We don't need another anyone or anything else, we need YOU. Make the choice to DIY!


happy is not a result!
I have been spending a lot of time in waiting rooms these days and since patience is not one of my finely honed gifts I am drawn to the distraction found in the myriad of magazines randomly placed all around me. A million headlines, an infinite variety of topics and the one thing that continued to rise to the top was the topic of 'happiness'. So much research has been done on something that seems so fundamental to our human experience and the condition of living in the here and now. Some stats for you to ponder:

The US is 27th on the list of countries with the happiest people. A poor showing in my opinion. How is it that the home of the 'American Dream' could rank so poorly?

Many theories abound on happiness but at the end of the day it seems that the more you have, the more you want and the bar of expectation is simply raised so that happiness lies just out of reach.

Maslow had something right. Our basic needs met(food, water, shelter) is critical to establishing a foundation for happiness. After that it is a relativity game...keeping up with the Joneses if you like. Why do we need to keep up with anything other than our own personal needs and expectations?

More of those that call themselves happy also call themselves, 'in a relationship'. If that is true then why are there so many divorces and rules about who you need to be sharing your life with, a committed loving life?

Anyone making $170k or more a year is living in the top 5% of the population. Is this you and do you know how happy you are supposed to be?

There are many more stats but the point that seems to hold the most truth is that happiness is NOT a result or a destination. It is not a place that we one day arrive at and ta-da, there you are - Happy! Happiness is found in the every single day adventure of living and being. Those that are happy may have money but there is no solid correlation to be found, it is all relative to who you are and why you believe you are here - my words translated from the depth of articles.

If your goal in life, your bogie, your eye on the prize is 'to be happy' than get off your butt and live. Live your life, whatever that means for you. Embrace the every day 'struggle' of fighting for what you believe and what you know to be true about you and the world you want to live in. Make the choice to embrace all that you are and how you want to express that to the world. Money, someone to love, something to raise, the perfect house, car or vacation home will not hold that which you seek. They may be a result of the journey but happiness not guaranteed or even mathematically increase your chance of feeling HAPPY.

Try this...each morning when you wake up make the first thing you do something that nurtures you only. It doesn't have to take a long time and certainly doesn't mean quiet contemplation or meditation if that does not ring true to you. Make it something you are excited to do and feels good, hopefully happy. Let go of the guilt, the 'shoulds and shouldnts', the unreasonable sense of responsibility that others happiness is dependent on you...the oppression that life offers on a path to 'less than happy'. Let others be in charge of their own happiness and take charge of will be contagious and you will have done something for yourself and those you love.

feeling happy! -d

A Big day!
A big day
Every day
- no more
- no less

Every day
- fresh
- new
- alive

Faith rises with the sun
Hope flows like a river
Love just IS,
In all its forms

What is...
Your Faith
Your Hope
In Love?

Pinch Yourself

And more

What stops you?
- fear
- frustration
- disappointment

Another day
Gain or Sacrifice?



living minute to minute
Krys and I did a show on the idea of living minute to minute a couple years back and I wanted to pop the thought back to the top again - Now, at this very minute. In the hustle and fun of summer days including balancing hard work with hard play I often hear those around me focused on the future and not the here and now. So many great things happen right in front of you. And 'miracles happen everyday', why do we want to miss out on that?

Recently, Krys spent a whole month on Faith, Hope and Trust with her show, The Thru Line (check it out in the archives under media). Three huge words that hold so many great opportunities for those that are willing to spend the time knowing what they mean to them, without a shadow of a doubt. Have Hope that the best, right thing will always happen for you as you move with integrity and add a large dose of FAITH that the best, right thing may be even greater than you could even imagine for your life. Finally, Trust that the joy that you choose today will only grow as you move into tomorrow and those that are meant to share that joy with you will be there, right on time!

Thinking about you all as we get back into the groove of work and feeling that the best right thing IS happening for you now! What is your life trying to tell you, don't miss the signs along the way...a sharp curve may be right around the corner don't miss it as you look to horizon!


Be the SEEKING one!
...that which you seek is yourself! Its an inside job no doubt and while great knowledge can assist you on your way the truth of yourself is found in the emotional connections and pathways of your souls code. Unlocking the truth that resonates above all the noise is an emotional journey through the woods of your emotional intelligence. There are No detours, no shortcuts, no by-pass, no get out of jail free card and in the end, you wouldn't want it any other way. The scenic route for you today and everyday so don't miss a minute. And while many will travel alongside you, no two paths will be the same - how cool is that?!
All said, don't search for the road less travelled but rather the road not yet travelled that is simply waiting for you to discover and choose it. Pack a bag you can carry, remember your tools, grab some lunch and begin --- Oh, the places you are going to GO!
Before you go, remember this thought from Bruce Barton,
'Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who (dared) believe that something inside of them was superior to circumstance'

I hope to be so blessed to meet you on your way at which point I will share some lunch, a story or two and the tools I have used along my way. I hope that you will do the same, but only when you are ready. I will watch out for you as I look for your light in the darkness and the rainbow after the storm. The song in the sunshine and the flower that blooms in the most impossible of places. I will stay open to the moment that my life will forever be changed by the synchronistic events waiting for us both along the journey. Until then...Namaste!


Hey You - yeah you...the beach ball!!
This post is more of a riddle than a message so let's have some fun! Here goes: What does death, abundance, baby chicks, beach balls and You all have in common?? Find out on "The Thru Line" tomorrow at 9am on The show is once again a pre-record but Krystene and I will be LIVE in the chat room listening right along with you.

Share your voice, make some waves...


Courage, Compassion, Clarity, Choice
Setting the tone for today's 'The Thru Line' topic, hosted by Krystene Du Maurier. Take a listen and share your thoughts.

Courage: the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear

Compassion: a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another (or yourself) who may feel stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering

Clarity: clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity

Choice: the right, power, or opportunity to choose

Move forward boldly, without fear, and carry with you the abundance of your desires to alleviate the suffering of your heart so that others may be inspired by your light. Allow the freedom from ambiguity to rule your days and own your personal power to choose what is up for you now!

See you in the chat room!


BACK! Now lets talk about death...
It has been a couple weeks of self-renewal and re-focus. I have spent the time with family, friends and my own thoughts as I clearly needed to PAUSE, let down and let go of anything that does not ring true with who I AM and why I AM here. We talk about this a lot in our podcasts, radio and in writing - afterall, this journey is an inside job!

Some takeaways...

The connection with self is the first, last and only connection that you can truly own and control. STOP, take the time to reconnect and ask yourself - who am I now and what do I need to let go of so I can see clearly what is right before my feet. Then decide, do I choose this path or not? Why or why not? Is fear grabbing on like cement shoes and how quickly can I clean that up?

In my last blog I talked about "Faith rising with the sun" and boy is that true. Each new day offers a new opportunity for you to expand, believe and grow in every direction. Use it! Take each day and start with time IN yourself, make a plan and let it rip!

Kicking this up a notch, let's talk about death. It's a fact of this life and cannot be escaped so let's embrace it - Death, in all its forms. In the spirit of Spring i offer the thought that without death we would not and could not experience the birth of new growth, expansion and the beauty that comes with the heat of the sun. Nurture this thought and find yourself embracing death every day. Die to old thoughts that don't belong, die to old behaviors that do not support you and die to those people, places and things that cannot take the path you find at your feet.

Birth/Rebirth - the result of allowing death to be so very alive and real in your life. The idea of being "born again" and again and again and again. A true thought but hard - often hard to embrace as we all seek to find our feet on solid ground. As soon as you think you have it all figured out, you don't. Look to shed the old skin and expand - be born again!

Nurture yourself through this process each and every time. Surround yourself with the 'things' that bring you energy now and be clear about what does not. Be open, this may look very different than it did yesterday or you may find that you are simply hungry for more! No one knows what is best for you than YOU - own that and act accordingly.

Let me know your are my teachers and I am open to what this day will bring - so bring it! Share your thoughts, make some waves so we can all ride them together.

more to come...


wrapping a bow on TRUST - for now!
Tomorrows show, The Thru Line, hosted by Krystene Du Maurier on, wraps up the month on TRUST! I am thrilled to say that I was a part of the fun! That's right, "WAS" - because the show tomorrow is in the can and will not be LIVE but rather recorded. Krys and I alread ran the show this week from the comfort of our own recording studio and it was a blast! I am once again on the road working and visiting family but plan to be a part of the mix in the chat room - I can't wait and hope to see you there!

IN the spirit of the show I offer a wrap-rap...

Chasing trust
or it chases us
the chicken,yes - the egg.

Time passes
Hope is tested
And Faith rises with the sun.

Choice waits
The choice is yours
Can you choose to trust today?

The truth
Your Knowingness
The answer lies within.

Much More
Always so much more...
Take your seat
Share your voice
Make some waves
Ride the waves!

see you tomorrow in the chat room!


learn to trust your gut!
On today's show, The Thru Line, Krystene is going to present the idea of building your empathic abilities and ultimately learning how to trust them. When this happens you become stronger and more confident to have HOPE, FAITH and TRUST in your life.

This show harkens back to the month of February where The Thru Line focused on the clean up required to hear your own intuitive voice. The value of the EQ (emotional intelligence) to balance out your IQ (mind intelligence) to make the best right decisions for you and those around you. Without a balanced quotient of EQ and IQ the best you can hope for is a repetitive experience based on the facts of your life that you have already experienced. The odds of repeating and thus standing in-place in your life are high!

The most celebrated leaders of today and frankly throughout history have known that 'trusting your gut' is critical to making the best, right decisions. These trusted gut decisions are even more critical now as we live in a digital world of abundant and limitless access to facts, data, informed opinions, dogma, etc. How could you ever create a world that is not realized today based on the facts of history? Remember, what got you 'here' will not get you to 'there' so quit using the data of the past (solely) to inform all that you want to see for your life in the future.

Your gut is your internal guidance system and one that you need to understand, hone and TRUST. Don't be set adrift by the fears of yesterday's results or the predictions that history has made for your life. What does your gut tell you about what you need to do now? If you can't hear it then clean that up as fast as you can. If it is a light whisper then turn up the volume and make a bold decision to TRUST yourself and see what happens. My gut tells me you will be amazed at the life that is waiting to show itself to you --- as soon as you make the bold choice to live it.

A quote from Al...he was ahead of his time and yet right on time:

'The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.' ~Albert Einstein

We will spend more time on this thought post the show today on The Thru Line After Show, found right here on Share your thoughts - Your gut instinct, make some waves!

Have a great holiday weekend!


Find Comfort in Discomfort
Holding fast to the theme for this month: Hope, Faith and Trust, I am drawn to callout the obvious directive to 'find comfort in the discomfort' that will raise up when you push to grow your life.

Are you looking for change in your life? Are you calling on the Universe, God, to show you what is up for you as find yourself feeling less than whole with your life as it is now? If so, buckle-up and let go...yes, LET GO, and let life roll in a way you have not done in the past. Let go of the need to control and contain all that your life is about to offer you. It will feel uncomfortable, life will move at break-neck speed and you will feel out of control - Awesome! The point is, what got you here will not get you to 'there'. This feeling of control keeps you in place so you need to fight the very fabric of your being that says, 'stay in control'... and instead TRUST. Trust in the things that you HOPE for (believe to be true for you) and have FAITH that life will deliver not only what is best for you right now but likely more than you could have hoped for in the first place.

Thriving in life (vs. simply surviving each day) requires you to push outside your comfort zone. You must genuinely trust life’s unfolding, not just give it lip service. You will be pushed to do this on a deep and profound level—a bone shattering, evolutionary, level or so it feels. Stop managing and pre-thinking all that is going on - that is what got you here, am I right? Simply let go and enJOY the ride. True JOY is found outside your comfort zone! The discomfort that you feel stems from trying to manage your way through it in the first place...let go and give yourself a chance to learn hard lessons through JOY this time instead of sorrow. Cool!

I want to end this thought with a quote from an unknown author - let me know if you know who I can give the credit to...

“Respect the elders. Teach the young. Cooperate with the pack. Play when you can. Hunt when you must. Rest in between. Share your affections. Voice your feelings. Leave your mark. Walk in peace, for they shall know us only by the tracks we leave.”

More to come...


Note of Gratitude - Life on the Edge so Jump-IN!
Krystene shared this note of gratitude on her show today from Mark Nepo's book, The Book of Awakening. The name of the passage for today is found on page 370 and is called, Life on the Edge. The passage is the following:

When I feel lonely, my first thought is that you hold the key to my loneliness. When I feel confused, my first thought is that you (or someone neither of us knows) is more clear, if I can only find them and get them to speak. When wanting respect, my first thought is that it is waiting on the other side of some mammoth achievement I must devote myself to. I try so hard to find what I need or want outside of myself, certain it is waiting for me somewhere just over there.

In the end, seeking only brings us to the edge of knowing ourselves. If we never look inward, we tend to become experts at life on the edge, while seldom unlocking what all our seeking means. We can become masters at climbing the mountains of the world instead of breaking trail to the center of our woundedness. We can become masters at driving fast cars through the night instead of moving through the dark corners of our mind. We can become masters at seducing strangers in the name of love instead of embracing the softer, less perfect aspects of who we are.

Seeking in the world has always been a way to mirror to us where we need to work inwardly, but seeking danger outside has always been a way to divert the soul's cry for us to take a genuine risk inside.

Mark's exercises for this passage are the following, in brief:

1) Meditate on something you are seeking - whatever it is!

2) Now imagine that what you seek already lives within you, and as you breathe, hold what you seek before your mind's eye like a door you must enter if you are ever to be whole.

3) Inhale deeply, and feel what you seek as part of your spirit that needs attention.

4) Exhale deeply, and though you may not know how, give yourself this attention.

best to you all,


Hold on to Hope - Trust will build!
Today on The Thru Line, Krystene is partnering with Anu Shi Asta to continue the conversation about Trust. Anu is an accomplished author, spiritual advisor and creator of 'Angel Light Hypnosis'. She will be sharing her story and how she developed trust in her amazing gifts. The theme continues that hope was the pathway for her to build trust in what may not yet be seen but is a knowingness of self.

Step one: Suspend disbelief and go within. What is your knowingness and the hope you have around that?

Step two: Hold on to hope with a loving hug of yourself. Do not be led astray by those around you and their knowingness that may not support your own.

Step three: Stay open and be aware. OFten times we miss the messages and signs that are reminding us of our knowing. This may be as simple as consistent and repetitive music that continues to pop up on the radio, double numbers on the clock 11:11, 4:44, 3:33, friends that simply show up in your life right when you need them etc.

Step four: Send directives to the Universe. ASK for what you need to build trust around your knowingness. What is it that you want to support, confirm and build trust of self?

Step Five: Expect it, watch for it and TRACK it. Journal your daily thoughts, experiences, dreams, conincidences etc. I am not a traditional journal-er. I tend to cut out pictures, draw, gather quotes that resonate with me at various points in my day, year. Use the journalling process that works best for you!

Lastly, give us a shout and share your story! You are the leader and teacher that someone else seeks, we want to offer a platform!!

Happy Friday to all,


trust is inherently risky
To put your trust in something, anything, is by definition risky. You are risking the very trust that you put into the decision to trust in the first place. What you are risking is the trust you have gained to this point, taking a risk and gambling all that has been grown out of trust. A reliance on a certain outcome or set of behaviors that have shown and proven to be true in the past. What if this is the time that trust lets you down? That something other than the sure 'reliable outcome' results and you are left with the question to ever trust again. To trust is to risk the very thing that grew trust in the first place. But without trust where would you be, who would you be and how would you even begin to live your life truly connected to all that is?

With this thought I share and encourage this first step - start with you. Learn to trust yourself first. Trust your knowing, trust your intuition, trust your voice and trust that no matter what happens, all is well! Trust the process and the learning that is gained from the path that you built out of a genuine trust of yourself.

Make a list today...list all the things that you trust and start with YOU. With you sits the only thing that you truly know for sure about the here and now. What do you trust about who you are and why you are here? Do you trust your instincts, your voice, that feeling you get when you know exactly what to do no matter how difficult or fearsome? Make a list and let it be. Now, make another list of the things that you want to be able to trust - still about you. Make that list and let it be. Now, make a plan to integrate the lists. Plan and create the opportunities you desire to build the one to trust yourself first and let it roll!

To build trust in yourself is to build trust in the whole, in all that is. The trust you have is the trust you can give to others...start with you!

Trust yourself - you can do this!


What can and do you Trust?
In a world that is filled with fear, anxiety, pain and despair what do you trust? Conversely, and appropriately so, this is also a world filled with love, joy, abundance and miracles so i ask you, what do you trust? What do you simply know for sure in such a way that you put your trust in it with all that you are?

My definition of trust: a complete reliance on that which has proven (through seen and known behavior and results) to be worthy of trust. Can this level of trust let you down? Think about it, have you ever put your trust in something proven that has shown itself to be other (or likely more) than you trusted?

Think about it and we will continue this discussion later today...

The LAW of Trust and Faith
On The Thru Line today Krystene will be discussing Trust and Faith. These two go hand-in-hand and are the core elements to any one belief that you hold. Trust and Faith are core to developing a strong spirit of manifestation where you truly can create the life you are excited to live!

Tell me, think about Trust and Faith as one of the many universal laws of this time and space. Like gravity, you simply need to believe that they are at work for you and in equal measure to everyone else. This change in perception will develop a mindset that relies on and holds true to Trust and Faith as an activator in your life.

Trust is believing in something you have come to rely on based on seen behavior and results. Do not be fooled, trust is definitly a risk because we leave ourselves open for loss - a lost sense of security about something we thought we could count on, trust. But - Oh Happy Day - Trust can always be rebuilt and on a more firm foundation of the truth.

Faith sits at the far edge of trust where you have a confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, an idea, or a thing. Different from Trust, Faith does not rest on logical proof or material evidence. Over time loyalty and affinity to your faith grows or blows up from a false result. Do you have faith that the best result for you will happen in your life, no matter what?

Here we go...start here, with you. What do you believe about Trust and Faith? Do you have Trust and Faith in yourself and all that you are? If not, how will you ever truly put your trust and faith in things outside of you? Clean it up! If yes, work that universal law to create all that you desire for you life now!

Another gnarly topic on The Thru Line with Krystene on She will be LIVE with her guest, Katt, starting at 9am PST. See you there!!


time to Pick Up!
Now that you have given up the baggage it is time to pick up the pace to owning the truth of your own happiness. Below is a list of 22 behaviors and beliefs that Happy People all have in common and do on a daily basis. How does it compare to your own belief system and code of conduct? Notice the connection between what you give up to what you pick up...happiness is an inside job!

the Happy-Doer's checklist:

1. Let Go Of Grudges - put down the axe to grind it will only slow you down

2. Treat Everyone With Kindness - its contagious and creates happy energy faster than baby rabbits

3. Regard Your Problems As Challenges - A problem is an opportunity waiting for you to recognize the gift of its presence.

4. Express Gratitude For What You Have - recognizing all that you have to be grateful and thankful for keeps everything in perspective and reminds you, just how amazing you are!

5. Dream Big - and the bigger the better! This one is all about your desires and keeping them centered and driving you. While you may not achieve all that you desire you are likely to achieve even more than you could have ever hoped for - if you had not dreamt in the first place!

6. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff - much of what we allow to drive us crazy will mean nothing in a couple minutes, days, months or even a year so Why Sweat it? Keep your eye and life's workout sweating the things that are really important to you!

7. Speak Well of Others - negativity breeds more negativity and will permeate all of your energetic system to a point that you own that energy as your own. Careful...clean it up!

8. Avoid Making Excuses - go back to point three and take ownership of the challenge in front of you and turn it into an opportunity for growth!

9. Live in The Present - it's all you have and all you really control. Stop watching your life through the rear view mirror and quit wishing your life away to the future. Start paying attention to the miracle that is happening right where you are, right now!

10. Wake up Early every day - get up and get going. Happy people don't miss a minute and take the time to give to themself first every day!

11. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others - the Joneses have never been that cool and since there is no one else like you there is no comparison to be had. As they say, apples and oranges, you are the only fruit like you.

12. Surround Yourself With Positive People - Misery definitly loves company and don't be fooled, you will become the company you keep!

13. Realize That You Don’t Need Others’ Approval - you are the only one to 'approve' of yourself and know the truth about you.

14. Take Time To Listen - gain a new perspective, quiet your mind and stay open to the wisdom of the teachers around you. They come in all shapes and sizes, from kids to grandparents to pets and parents. Stay open!

15. Nurture Social Relationships - nurture you friends and I am not talking about Facebook.

16. Meditate - in whatever form that takes...for me it is working out. Research backs up that meditation can even lead to physical changes in your brain that make you happier.

17. Eat Well - and I am not talking about the healthy side of McD's or Subway. Eat real food, something that still has dirt on it! Visit your local farmers market to get started.

18. Exercise - try viewing exercise as a daily tool to immediately enhance your frame of mind, reduce stress and support you in every way. Pick an exercise that you can truly enjoy, in a place that you enjoy it. Walk in your favorite park...start there!

19. Live With Less - clutter makes us stressed and boggles the most brilliant of minds. It can also feel like weight on your soul. Time to purge and make some money doing it!

20. Be Honest- Every time you lie, you build stress levels and your self-esteem crumbles. Telling the truth, on the other hand, boosts your mental health and allows you to build the trust in yourself!

21. Establish Personal Control - this is akin to self-leadership. Control the things that are most connected to you. Govern yourself and encourage others to do the same.

22. Accept What Cannot Be Changed - everything in your life is not going to be perfect, and that’s perfectly all right. Simply accept that injustices will happen and setbacks are a detour to a better path for you life. Proactively put your energy on changing what you can control for the better... because when you know better you can do better!

Phew...happy, happy, happy!


Simply Give UP!
I cannot tell you how hard it was for me to type the words for today's title post. Any thought of 'giving up' is simply not in my DNA with the exception included in my thoughts below. If what you believe (and thus how you behave) does not serve you then 'give it up' and move on to the highest version of YOU, it is the only purpose that you seek. Yes, that simple!

Here's a list of 13 things to simply Give UP - Today!

1) Give up the need to always be right. If it is about your ego, let it go. If it is about being heard I say, 'share your voice and make some waves' but be clear that your goal is to build up and not tear down so your ego feels isnt real and won't be real for you!

2) Give up the need to control. The people, events and path ahead is not for you to control and may quickly turn into manipulation. Allow everything and everyone to be just as they are and you will see and even more, you will feel so much better. And as you have heard me say so many times, when you know better you can do better!

3) Give up blame. This one is simple and straightforward...Stop giving your powers away and start taking responsibility for your life. If you don't others WILL govern over's a law of physics.

4) Give up self-defeating chatter for yourself and others. Again, simple...clean that up and let that go. You came here as a perfect soul to shake up this town! Don’t believe everything that your mind is telling you – especially if it’s negative and self-defeating. You truly believe better than that.

5) Give up limiting beliefs. You are the result of your beliefs and nothing is impossible unless you believe it to be true. Spread your mind along with your wings and you will surely fly!

6) Give up complaining. Give up on spending your time on the people, events and situations that make you sad. Happiness is a choice...choose to focus on the light and not the dark, on the hope and truth for your life.

7) Give up on the lazy luxury of criticism. The fact is this...We are all different, yet we are all the same. We all want to be happy, we all want to love and be loved and we all want to be understood. We all want something, and something is wished by us all.

8) Give up your need to impress others. Stop trying to be something you are not (greater or less than who you are) to make people feel comfortable or impressed. Take off the mask, peal the onion, take down the walls and simply BE - all that you are!

9) Give up your resistance to change. Change is growth and keeps you and others on their toes. It's fun too. Follow your bliss and lead others to follow theirs, the universe will respond abundantly!

10) Give up Labels. Stop putting something or someone in the category of weird, stupid,strange, or different when you know nothing about it or them. Ignorance is not bliss and will not make you happy!

11) Give up making excuses and using fear to stop you. Excuses are simply lies to yourself that cover up fears that are just an illusion of a life that has not yet been lived. Send excuses packing and bring fears out into the light of day so the fog of illusion can lift...and you will lift right along with it.

12) Give up the past. Stop looking in the rear view mirror at your life. You are likely to trip on your future as you continually look behind you for answers and again, excuses. Integrate the truth from your past that will propel you forward and leave the rest at the side of the road as a gift for those that pass by...the scenic route.

13) Give up trying to live to others expectations. Live the life YOU were meant to live. Like your fingerprint no one else has the same life to live and no two are identical. Be in control of the only thing that you can possibly control - you and your life. Get connected to your inner voice, the highly intuitive self-guidance system that will always know what you desire and what is best for you now. Don't be distracted by the clear view of your path!

Ahhhhhh, I feel better (and lighter) already...what can you give up today?


the antidote for despair
and is
heavily based on the link to your 'own' intuition.

Can you hear your intuitive voice that delivers hopeful messages, right on time?!


IF You can Imagine it...You can Achieve it!
I am back in the blog seat after a crazy week of FUN - teaching, learning, playing, living!
Today on The Thru Line, Krystene is advancing her discussion on belief systems by focusing the month of May on 'Trust'. Today she will begin that discussion by focusing on one element we call, Hope. Wow, gnarly to say the least so let me take a crack at breaking this down.
We have all heard the phrase, 'If you can imagine it, you can achieve it' - it sounds good but the best you can 'hope for' relies on you, an inside job, always.
The steps:
1) IMAGINE - let your imagination be unleashed and allow your desires to inform all that your minds eye can see for your life. Not real yet but at least now can be found in the realm of possibility, for you.
2) HOPE for - to believe in an outcome that will manifest in your life, right where you are. Be clear to base your hope on your current reality and you will be placed on a firm foundation to realize all that you can imagine.
3) TRUST Appropriately - Rely on those people, places and things that have some type of proven behavior backed by the results that you know to be true for you and relevant to all that you imagine/desire now and into the future.
4) have FAITH - a belief that the best outcome for you will happen. Be clear, this may be not the outcome you 'hope for' but rather the outcome that is the best of all possible outcomes for you. Go ahead, have FAITH, what happens may even be greater than the results you 'hoped for'.
5) the RESULTS - what happened? How is this a result of the process (including your behavior and beliefs) and what have you learned? Integrate that learning to advance what you believe for you life now.
6) Rinse and REPEAT...back to Imagine, informed by the clear results of your previous process!

I am not sure a month is long enough for this crazy, cool topic but I IMAGINE and have HOPE that you will embrace it in a way that works best for you. Let the path of HOPE, TRUST and FAITH begin today...for all of us!

Happy Friday, -d

beliefs...the true and the truth of it!
What is it that you believe? Is it yours or did you simply adopt that belief on blind faith? Afterall, the key authorities in your life would not lead you astray...the leaders of this world and your family must know what they are talking about, right?
Now ask yourself, is this belief system true for you? Does it ring as the truth in the depths of your knowingness? Yes, then I ask WHY? Why do you believe something to be true and the truth about you? What is the 'the thru line' of this belief system that informs who you are and how you behave, right here and right now? Does the road lead back to you or is there a dissonance, a discord, with the harmony of self? At the point in any belief that the road takes a left turn away from self, it is not yours and not yours to own.
SO MANY Questions but really just one (or two)...what is it that you truly believe (and why)? Do you believe it so much that you would be willing to die for it? Because the fact is that you will die every day living a lie, a set of beliefs that truly are not yours and not meant to be owned by you.
On Krystene's show, The Thru Line, today at 9am Live on, we will tackle this simple but often not easy process of mining through all your beliefs to get to the core system that is all you, right here and right now!
Beliefs = Self Definition = Filter for all Decision Making = Behaviors = Results ...a self-fulfilling prophecy to say the least. BE true and express the truth of your life by consciously manifesting the life you are living now, moving forward!

It's simple but not easy! Join us in the chat room...share your voice, make some waves.


you are great enough equation
Change Agents

Live with

Lit by
a plan
greater than

What is your 'greater than' equation?

Welcome back to Monday!


Believing is Behaving!
On today's show, The Thru Line, Krystene is taking on the topic of belief systems. What is critical about that is this - knowing (staying conscious to) what we believe is the backing for how we behave. So naturally if we want a different result in our lives we must behave differently...or go insane trying. Remember, the definition of insanity is to expect different results even though your behavior does not change.
So, the work begins! At first it can be as simple as stopping for a moment and taking an honest, non-judgemental look at what it is you simply 'know for sure' = what is it that you believe without a shadow of doubt. And then review the list and ask yourself 'is this something I REALLY believe' or is it a belief i have picked up and adopted along the way?! Do you believe something that has no regard for how it 'rings true (or not)' with who you truly are, right here and right now. Afterall, when you know better - about what you believe, you can do (behave) better and more inline with the results you want to both see and feel in your life.
Acting on beliefs that are not true to you is simply living an illusion of yourself. An illusion that is inline with others expectations, others beliefs which may be born out of fears - of all kinds. Do you feel disconnected or disillusioned by your life? Are you frustrated with the results that keep showing up in life? Go to the source of the challenge...what is it that you truly believe and can you behave accordingly? Let me help you here - YES!
Simple idea but not easy to wrap your hands around each and every day. Start simple and make the list... what do you believe for sure and be clear - be open, do you really believe it?
We are just getting started on this amazing topic so hold on tight...oh the places you will go if you can only BELIEVE it!

Back...and the wiser for the journey!
HEEEEEYYYY! Happy Monday and what a weekend it was for me so I am eager to share.
SO, I took a trip back home to the midwest to attend a wedding for my nephew. The first of many nieces and nephews born and what an incredibly surreal moment and experience it was. In so many ways i am humbled by what i am about to admit because as a kid (and seemingly just until last week) i would just roll my eyes at hearing 'don't waste time away because before you know it...(insert the rest)'.
Well, here I am at the wedding of the little boy that was newly born when i was a kid (young/in college), and I remember it like it happened a minute ago. I feel a bit caught off guard and back on my heels (in a good way)- working hard to embrace the true reality of it ALL! The reality was that suddenly, and without me noticing, my nephew was my age, i was my mothers age, my mom was my grandmothers age etc. How did this happen and frankly, WHEN did this happen. For me I realized I am living as if time would just stand still and wait for me to be ready. And in return I wait to live my life's GREATEST adventures. I know i have pushed myself but am i doing and being ALL of me, in all ways and areas of my life?
So here's my self-assessment: It took me 20 plus (adult) years to embrace the talents that could not be denied and accept the areas of growth that i didnt want to hide anymore. It has taken me a number of relationships and 'solid' commitments to ultimately find, trust and accept the love and partnership that my soul desired. Equally, it has taken me a decade or more to move into a place that knows I am NOT defined by my culture, my location, my family, those that embrace me and those that dont, my income, my stuff, my looks, my gender, my sexual orientation, my weight, my social status etc. In its place i know I WILL be defined by my action, my dedication and my focus on self-awareness, self-improvement and self-empowerment...the only thing that I control. I do this with an understanding like never before for the betterment of the whole, knowing that i am undeniably ONE with the universe - no matter what mind gymnastics I try to perform.
SO - what to do next?
For me, to BE ever more ALIVE with great urgency and excitement for BEing right where I am and knowing that i will be even more of myself in the next minute and the next minute and the next minute. I know there is a growing ratio of 'time behind me than in front of me' and with each moment i will do my best to leave a mark that builds up and does not tear down. So - get on with it, not tomorrow or later today but now because afterall there is no time but NOW!

So, I ask you, 'In the NOW, what's up for you?' Afterall, when you know better you can do better and simply BE more of who you already are. Happy NOW-Day to All!


Wholly Friday!
I cant believe a 'whole' week has gone by since my last my mind and heart i have been blogging all week! To that end i want to follow 'Dominio Monday' with Wholly Friday! They are siblings for sure so why not. On Krystene's show today she is planning on focusing again on YOU. It sounds simple and straightforward which it is. To many it presents itself as an intellectual exercise but that is where the wheels (begin to)fall off. To keep the idea of wholeness, complete in every way, as an intellectual exercise is to remove or separate yourself from the completeness of the whole - that is simply not possible.
All that you are is all that there is. If you pretend (believe) to be separate or fractured from the whole (all that you are), broken and disconnected in some way, you are missing out on the life you are excited to live. A life that is filled with everything - the light and the dark, the positive and the negative, the building up and the tearing down that allows all things to expand. Nothing is good or bad, right or wrong, it simply is and that will continue with or without you engaging. When you choose to engage and expand your life, the whole expands. Those you love expand, those you don't even know expand! When you choose to be separate from the whole the whole is still moving and growing and you simply are missing out on the feeling of expansion that is waiting for you to engage and embrace the all of you that is.
Remember...The domino effect is most epic and awe-some when each part of the whole is all lined up. Are you inline with the expansion of the whole or not? Choose you, the whole is counting on it!!

Domino Monday
i am inspired this morning by a post from Joel Runyon and his blog from Impossible HQ, named 'Blog of Impossible Things'. He wrote this entry several days back and i have been chewing on it since. The point i want to focus on is acknowledging the very impact of the perfect existence of YOU. The reality that you are here to live your highest purpose, to find a way to remember who you are and why you are here. And live (be and do) the Highest Form of yourself. The trigger --- constantly asking 'what would the highest form of ME do today, in this moment, right now'? By asking, acknowledging, BEing and then DOing 'that' with great integrity you become the first domino. The one that kicks off the millions of other dominoes to make the choice to bring the highest from of themselves to the party.
As Joel recognizes, people dont come to watch a domino world record event to simply see how one domino knocks all of the dominos flat in one move or fall. It is about a series of dominos that fall because of the impact of the one that came before it. If one domino were to try and knock all the rest down in one move, the record would fail and it would be over in a matter of seconds with only 2-3 dominoes down and millions others left standing and very little impact made.
Today and every day is an opportunity to 'get in-line' with the dominoes of life. Be and Do in-line with the highest form of yourself, as a part of the whole world (record) impact. Be the change that you hope to see in the world around you and watch with amazement all that can happen as a ripple out of the courageous work that YOU do. Otherwise the domino path will stop with you --- that would suck! Do you really want to be the domino that couldn't make the move, get in-line, only to stop the true impact that the world is waiting on YOU to help achieve?
You and the whole, it truly is all one. Just like the world record domino floor made up of 7.7 billion other dominoes deciding whether they too can get inline to make an impact. It all happens one move, one choice, one courageous person at a time - preparing to move in-line with self and have an impact on the whole.

Be the Domino - Happy Monday!!


u r the dragon warrior!
I cant help myself...Last night I watched one of my all-time favorites, Kung Fu Panda. I am reminded of the fear that sits around hearing that you are 'chosen'. You are the one that your desires tell you that you are. For Po, it was his greatest desire to be a Kung Fu expert,a warrior, just like the superheros that he had studied and 'put high on a shelf' all of his young life. But in his mind, in the real world, he was simply a fat panda with a future limited to making noodle soup and NO CHANCE of anything more. Then the day came...his teacher believed, he had no idea how it would happen, but he believed that Po was to become the Dragon Warrior - some way, somehow.
Now Po is faced with the very real challenge to believe it for himself. His first from the very thing he desired all his life. In that moment he believed the outside world, the nay-sayers, the belief systems that were not on the inside of his greatest desire but the outside where fears run rampant.
Well, you likely know the rest. His teacher found a way to teach Po right where he was, motivated by food and celebrating the unique gifts and expression that were PO and no one else. With each day he grew in his gifts and began to show the true Dragon Warrior that he was born to be. This was not a training plan but a breakdown of external belief systems that kept Po outside of his own desires, his true authentic self.
And so the Dragon Warrior was born and soon tested to not only believe but ACT as the Dragon Warrior. Face his fears (yet again) and test his faith - the size of a mustard seed, at first. With a simple Skadoosh he was living the life he desired and found freedom from the fears that had previously stopped him.
As you know, it doesnt end there - Po is just getting started with more to come in Kung Fu Panda 2. That is true for all of us...can you believe without a shadow of a doubt that you are the chosen one, the one your desires remind you every day? Can you not only believe but act accordingly - Get up and DO, again and again? In the doing is more challenge, more opportunity, more expansion possibilities to live - all that you are!
GO - BE! Put a Skadoosh on the fears that stop you, the external voices that only know the fog of scarcity and not the abundance that simply is - all that you are. Be the Dragon Warrior of your life, the world is waiting and counting on you!


I just reread my post and i am not happy...its not done or getting the point across. For Po and a theme throughout the film is the search for the mystery and/or secret sauce of the great Warrior - or noodle soup. In the end it was uncovered that there is NO SECRET in the sauce. The point is that the hidden secret is You - Simply YOU showing up in your life. Accepting and believing in the truth of all that you are. Now - i ask you again, Can you believe? If yes, Can you Act accordingly??


do you believe?
you arrive...

energy loaded
this life-
the turtle
not the hare




is it you
or your shadow
is it yours
be clear

the darkness...

a fog perhaps?

the light...

in you
all you
about you
shine you in the dark!

the shadow...

still you
embrace - send you love!

the world...

in you
the u (you) in us
the whole
no divide


u r amazing
u r the god you seek
u r the universe that creates
can u believe?

a quick note of thanks to all of you that have been so patient and understanding with our tech challenges today!! The site is back up (clearly the truck made it safely) and we are thrilled! I will post all new media for The Thru Line today and for Mission: I AM Possible throughout the weekend so check it out!

Have an epic weekend,


stuck in a rut?
so there you are driving along and without noticing you veer off course ever so slightly or maybe you are shoved off your path by a force you didnt see coming (another car perhaps)...just like that, stuck in a rut. Your car is buried up to the axles in this deeply dug groove that so many have been stuck in before and possibly even you in the past. You try with all your might to rev up the engine and free yourself but you only find the rut getting bigger, and deeper. Sound familiar?
It occurs to you that you will now be late for the rest of your days events, and life is moving forward without you as you stare at the giant rut that has swallowed you whole. Panic, frustration, anger, try again. This time maybe you dig away at the rut, you look for another path out but again, you find yourself even more stuck.
Time is tickin by and you know you must submit to the fact that you need some help out. You need a force greater than you (and your car) to pull you out. In the world of cars this usually means a tow truck or some Monster size truck with a heavy duty chain, giant tires and big diesel engine to heave you out of this deeply dug groove, now made deeper by your frantic efforts.
Again, sound familiar? Life can happen to you in very similar ways. Without full awareness you can veer off course through days, months and years and one day you acknowledge you are stuck in a rut. Likely a rut made deeper by your efforts and you are unsure what to do next. Like the car analogy you need to look for a force greater than the rut, and has the power to lift you above and out of the deep groove you have created.
Here's the good news --- that force does not sit outside of you, it is you. The highest, most truthful part of you and often times the 'unlived and unembraced' form of who you really are. The power is so great that the light it casts can be blinding and may often push others to their own life-saving rut.
Your next move, believe in you and get plugged in to the force that is ALL of YOU! Like hooking up your car to a truck...hook up yourself to YOU and watch things move. Suddenly you feel more alive, you notice the movement and maybe some of it scares you at first (but not half as much as being stuck in that rut). In this place of YOU is unlimited possibility, abundant gifts and resources and the power to unstick others stuck in that same rut.
Your last thought as you move on and away...'how thankful you are for the rut!' It gave you the time and space to stop going through the motions that was your life. It pulled you beside the road of your life so you could acknowledge the force that is you, all that you are!
Get unstuck from your rut and tap into the power of YOU. Oh, the places you are going to go!

Time for YOU!
It seems that i have been spending a lot of time lately talking about abundance...the critical mindset that is required to believe that all things are truly possible, and possible for you. Abundance thinking for me; the blessed assurance -KNOWINGNESS- that all you desire for yourself and this world is available. The abundance of anything - time, money, resources, love, patience, wisdom, hope, sanity :) etc.

So - suspend disbelief for just a moment and try it. Ask the Universe, Your God, for the blessed abundance of that which you desire in your life. Do this without any doubt or 'less than' belief system that may be alive and well in your system. Stretch out on your faith and believe it, ask for it and then (BIG POINT)...Act Accordingly. Move in the direction of your abundance and know that your miracle is near. You simply need to act in a way that demonstrates this light bulb of abundance...Faith in Action.

One caution, be careful not to believe that this means 'smooth sailing'! A very good friend of mine taught me long ago this, 'you know your miracle is near when resistance (road blocks, detours, U-turns, dead ends, etc) shows up in your life.' If resistance can stop you than the abundance mindset has left the building and you need to re-set. For more on RESISTANCE go to the Media page/Mission: I Am Possible, and listen to the Resistance Series...we have you covered.

With an abundance of love and belief in YOU - Have an amazing week!


Friday - You can do it!
Its another Friday and that means all things media at Kryschendo. We are ON the run today...from one radio show to a podcast to another show etc. I love this day and it freaks me out all at the same time. Media day reminds me of 'game day' when i was younger. You spend all week preparing, practicing, running drills, increasing your endurance, studying the opposition to your goals and then on Friday - you put all that work into 'the real thing'. I love it! Each Friday shows up a little differently but every Friday is an opportunity to learn, grow, engage, test, fine-tune and dig a little deeper!

What's up for your Friday? Are you just getting through it so you can reboot over the weekend? Is Friday 'game day' for you? No matter what today is I wish you abundance and optimisim, strength and courage, joy and enjoyment, truth and consequences, growth and freedom. I wish you to experience all that you are.

In the spirit of YOU be sure to check out the latest Kryschendo Media, most of it can be found for free, on our Media page. Krystene will be live at 9am PST today on and Mission: I AM Possible will be running yet another show that will post by the end of the weekend. We promise to fill up your toolbox as you prepare for the week ahead.

Have a great, amazing, weekend!

- d

I am thankful, the masses are asses...celebrating International Happiness Day!
Well - thank God, the Universe and your is the official 'International Happiness Day!' - finally a day to celebrate what most of us search for in every nano-second of every day, week, month, year...our childrens years - for our friends, family, loved get the point. I am not actually trying to be a butt about it but i cannot help but find humor in the 'official days' we have to celebrate the things we need fundamentally in our lives every day. In this case, 'happiness'! (Oh - and Happy Mother's Day Mom, where would i be without you?????)

So, to offer my best to the day i wanted to summarize a couple of talks that i enjoy and resonate with about this mysterious and at some points seemingly out of hands reach trek to find and capture happiness. talk #1 - Malcolm Gladwell, the author of BLINK. Malcom summarizes 3 key points and one main takeaway.
The takeaway first and no mind bending required. 'Embrace diversity of us all and you will have TRUE happiness'. He ends his talk with this point btw. The supporting points that lead to what seems to be an overused and yet often NOT embraced thought of 'embracing diversity' are these:

1) If you ask people what they want they most often are not able to exlain the desires of their heart (or spaghetti sauce). So let go of the pressure to feel like you should a) just know or b) be able to simply articulate 'this is what i want from life!' The fact seems obvious, what we desire is in constant flux at some level and we should never feel forced to lock-in and down on the single recipe for those things that truly make our heart sing. It is always in motion.

2) There is NO perfect or imperfect, right or wrong, good or bad desire. I realize we do have laws and codes of conduct to keep us all safe and secure but in the main this point (#2) removes the shackles from our heart of what our desires SHOULD BE to simply WHAT OUR DESIRES ARE.

3) Lastly, there are no UNIVERSAL, overriding rules for desires. Life is all about variability and the freedom of choice, expression and will that you have to celebrate a life full of desires.

Net-Net, my good friend and mentor, Spike, was right. 'The masses (in their universal way)are asses' and i will continue to celebrate the happy surprises found in the diversity of us all, starting with me - and you.

You can find Malcolm's talk here at Finerminds: (copy and paste link into browser)

This blog would not be complete without also offering the second talk from Shawn Achor. He does a talk on research linking happiness and success. It is a great presentation and you can check it out here: (copy and paste link into browser)

The main takeaway for me and the point i want to make here is the link between happiness and gratitude. Bottom line - i am a believer...the more ways you can find to be thankful and grateful in your every day, the greater your happiness! With that said, I want to thank both Malcolm Gladwell, Shawn Achor and you for being the teachers of my personal journey to celebrate and be thankful for the happiness found in the diversity of this life!

- d

Live Your Truth - Thought, Word, Action
I have said this ad nauseum in the Mission: I AM Possible podcast series but feel compelled to hit hard -er, again. The simple concept is this...the things that you fix your thoughts, your words and your actions ON will most certainly come true in your life. In addition to that i believe something that has been true in my life forever...the universe does not reconize thoughts in the negative, it simply recognizes the energy that you are focusing on. A great example is a situation where 'your greatest fear comes true'. Well, was that fear so great that you gave it space in your thoughts, did you voice it outloud to others and did you act in a way that gave that fear power? Now, let me be clear, I am not talking about keen intuition that told you to walk down another road instead of the dark alley way or the time you simply knew to duck or reschedule a trip. I am talking about fixating on a fear of being alone, a fear of not getting the job you really believe would make your life better/easier, a fear of not being accepted etc. At some point the fear is so empowered in your life that it is the only lens by which you function and the only way you can see the world...clouded by a lens of fear. So which came first, the fear made real or the fear itself? And does it even matter?

Remove the fog that is clouding your potential of a life yet lived. Stop the negative loops and flip them around to empower yourself to manifest the life you are excited to life. A life that rejects any fear that makes you less than who you are right now and begins you on a path to voice and act in a way that can only support the full potential that is YOU.

A couple days ago i riffed on a thought about INNER STRENGTH so I am pulling it up again with this context it may make more sense in your life.

to simply BE
to simply live - Your life!
no small task
Lead, don't follow:
in thought
in word
in action
all that YOU are...
release the baggage
dump the gunk
fill up your tank
make sure it's all you.
a solo job
but not alone
never alone
the work is YOU.
make the choice
hear the voice
not the fray
but the single voice
the one that's you
can you hear the voice?
yes, it's work
but you can do it
you must do it
is there anything else
for you to do?
to find the strength
look within
go deep -
to the 'heart' of your matter
you will smile
the path will light
the light is you
the courage is there
welcoming you home.


to give RISE to...
Good Sunday morning from a 3 life path!

I am up and alert with a clear sense of movement but not sure what to do first. Have you ever had that feeling? It carries a sense of urgency, almost panic (but not so chaotic) to get something done. It holds anticipation, excitement and the precursor to joy all at the same time. I push off the responsibility for the mundane and ordinary tasks to open myself up to the possibility that is ME today.

Is it time to reinvent, re-engage, reform and resolve? be something greater than i was just a minute ago. I am not talking about a reduction of self but rather a creation of being that is born out of the possibility of all that is for me, for you, for us!

It is time to give RISE, to be the cause of something unique, to evolve from one's own thought and allow to come into being, to create new. Cool! No rules, no judgements, no roadblocks, nothing but those things that we allow to stop us today, everyday. Make it true for you...Happy Sunday!

Inner Strength = Heart = Courage
to simply BE
no small task
to simply Live - Your Life!
Lead, don't follow:
in thought
in word
in action
all that YOU are...
release the baggage
dump the gunk
fill up your tank
make sure it's all you.
a solo job
but not alone
never alone
the work is YOU.
make the choice
hear the voice
not the fray
but the single voice
the one that's you
can you hear the voice?
yes, it's work
but you can do it
you must do it
is there anything else
for you to do?
to find the strength
look within
go deep -
to the 'heart" of your matter
you will smile
the path will light
the light is you
the courage is there
welcoming you home.

Initiate YOU!
back in the groove after three days of some much needed r&r - whew, and just in time. Krys and I did something we don't often do, at least not in the last two years, we took a vacation! While we were loaded down with all the necessary equipment to work we did a pretty good job 'letting our hair down' and not working. We also didnt have wifi where we landed so that helped a bit. While three days sounds like a long weekend to many for us it was all the time we can bare away from the work we love so much. The point here is that the work we do is critical to our health and well being, just like vacation but with less sleep. So, here we are...back at it and couldnt be happier.

While we were away i was able to dig into some books that have been impersonating dust collectors for the last year - or two, yikes! It seems that all the books i grabbed while heading out the door had a very tight and consistent theme: INITIATIVE. Even more to the point, the individual responsibility we all have to not only 'start something' of our own free will and passion but the critical element of seeing that something through to the end. Or at least until it has launched to the world and you have learned. Once you have accomplished that, do it again! Simple concept but yet so daunting a task that we have whole books and chapters outlining the endless challenges and obstacles that stand in the way of most. In a nutshell - FEAR stands in our way. OR as Stephen Pressfield has written about, RESISTANCE.

Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of criticism or judgement, fear of being fired, fear of being left out, fear of being brought in, fear of standing out, fear of standing up, fear of whats around a dark corner, fear of being alone, fear of crowds, fear of the things you know and the things you dont understand...Fear of Youself! Marianne Williamson nailed it in her poem, OUR DEEPEST FEAR, I know many of you are familiar with it but have you forgotten what it says?:

'Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.
We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others'

With that i ask you a question Krys has put in front of me more times than i can count...WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU KNEW YOU COULD NOT FAIL? Do you see, can you feel...the only true failure is to NOT choose you, to BE all that you are? Dimming your light down and eventually all we/you have left is darkness.

Start right now...take the initiative and begin to BE and SHARE all that you are, staying true to yourself from start to finish and birthing all those incredible thoughts into words, into action. Others will follow and yes, others will also drift into a shadow of darkness where one day it will likely be your light that helps them take their own INITIATIVE.

do you know your digits?!
Today is again, media day Friday at Kryschendo. Krystene just wrapped on a 'kickin' show at, all about numerology and the power of knowing your numbers. Do you know your digits? If not, check us out both in the store to purchase your own personal profile OR determine your life path number for free by going to our resources page and clicking on the link to numerology.

the power of numerology is simply in understanding what drives you, what is your main purpose here and what are the key life/karmic lessons that hold true for you. it is amazing how being INFORMED releases much of the guilt, frustration and possibly shame that follows you and those you love! Get a short report, get a complete report, get a compatibility report, learn about the numbers around you, your lucky number....etc. Try it - i guarantee you will benefit from the insight. Also, if you order a personal report today, i am offering free 30 min report readings where we can breakdown some of the most important insights and questions.

below, a quick and fun list of life path numbers and their meaning, if you don't know yours go to the resources page and click on numerology to find out what it is!

Life Path by digit:

1 - Leadership and Independence
2 - Receive and Give Love
3 - Joy of Living and Communication
4 - Structure and Building Foundations
5 - Creative Freedom
6 - Family and Abundant Nurturing
7 - Philosophy and Seeker of Truth
8 - Financial Freedom and Tenacity
9 - Selfless Humanitarian

11 - Intuitive Channel, Nervous Tension
22 - Master Builder, Nervous Tension
33 - Christ Consciousness, Nervous Tension

what's your life path number? jump in and be counted!

have a great weekend,


to BE infectious
Infectious...for me @ Kryschendo is defined as the desire to spread from one to another in a way that builds up and expands oneself to be and live all that they are. To Webster it is also means the idea of being communicable by infection, from one person to another. I have the distinct honor of embodying both, at the same time. That's right, i have a sinus infection and no hopping on one foot and spinning around is making it go away. While this is not my first time 'round with a sinus infection it seems to hold true that they never come at a time that works for me or those that i am 'communicable' with. No worries, the show must go on and the beat along with it so i find my inspiration for my message today: Be the infectious cure and yet not infected --- by the germs of those around you.

Stop, just for a moment and ponder the question, what thoughts are you infecting yourself and those around you with today? Do those thoughts, words or actions build up or tear down? Are you allowing the infection of others, especially those that do not ring true with all that you are, creating a 'less than' dis-ease in your system? Yes? The good news, there is a cure for what is ailing you. Simply, make another choice, choose YOU and all that it means to BE you. Voice NO as your antibiotic and celebrate the wisdom that has brought you here to this moment. Embrace the mistakes that have birthed a greater awareness of you as a part of the whole. Share that infectious wisdom with those around you so they have the opportunity, again, if just for a moment, to ponder what it is THEY are infected with and how are they infecting the world.

Soon the sinus infection will be gone and so too is the possibility of the 'less than dis-ease of self' that seems to live in the most confident and aware of you. Be ever vigilant with this disease, it seems to strike at the most inconvenient of times...ahhh, but not today - make a truly infectious choice, YOU!!

A reason for everything!?!
Happy Monday to everyone...another week, back to work, back to life, back to rhythm and routine with no sign of time slowing down.

I have been battling a cold for a week and while some days are better than others i am still not officialy 100% - even better, 110%. I have paused at several points trying to allow what is clearly a message to rethink, refocus, rebalance and allow for the healing space to simply BE and let go of the to do list, if just for a moment. I hear you, 'good luck with that' right?!

I am a big believer in the thought that 'everything happens for a reason' and so I ask myself - what is the reason for a cold that will simply not go away. I have decided to go light in my shoes with all of it. Focus on the priority projects that give me energy and HOLD on anything that truly can wait...even if just for a couple hours. So here's my thought for today: Be light and soft with yourself. Choose to be surrounded by those people that support you right where you are and in turn give you the energy to be 110% of yourself. And tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day... be that energizer for someone else in return.

Choose YOU - in doing so you will have the energy you need to pursue all that you are meant to be NOW & Tomorrow.

Sending each of you a huge amount of healing energy and with that, I feel better already!!

until tomorrow, d

Friday is Media Day!
its another Friday and that means all things media at Kryschendo. Krys will be live at 9am on with a show that can't be missed. The topic for today sits around the idea of 'equanimity' or a balanced state of mind. The challenge is how to stay in balance with all the things that life is throwing at you. What a perfect topic for today and every Friday as we simply hold on and keep up minute by minute. Be sure to catch The Thru Line shows under Media at We will post the After Show by end of day where Krys and I will breakdown the topic for today...disciplining your mind, how to navigate the game of life.

I look forward to seeing you there and reading your comments on all things at Kryschendo. Be sure to review the resources page where we have shared our top book, music and storytelling resources to inspire, learn and grow along your game of life.

See you there. Have an epic Friday and weekend!

more to come, d

Why 'BE-ing Safe' is an Oxymoron
I am inspired by a post by Joel Runyon (my brother from another mother) at Impossible HQ where he discusses a dangerous mindset that has been so deeply engrained in each of us, "everything in moderation" -including moderation, he quickly adds. Hahaha.

In a nutshell he is right! A being-ness or mindset that begins with less can only result in less. Less than who you are, less than what you want and less than what you are able to give yourself and this world. While LESS can feel SAFE it is still a limited reality and a fraction of your full potential. Joel's blog post talks about the possible reasons why moderation is justified for you and be careful if these ring true:
- It's easy-er. Moderation becomes your answer for why you did not achieve some greater result. Well, you were 'pacing yourself', taking it easy with your being-ness, acting in moderation.
- Unsure of what you want so you take whatever comes. If that is true for you then you lose the right to complain about 'whatever comes' and if you dont like what comes then make another choice and begin with your mindset. Are you seeking mediocraty or something else?
- Leaving Room for Failure out of fear or an expectation of failure. On this note I remind you that those thoughts that you focus on you will surely create in your life. If fear of failure is your predominant thought then fear and failure is what you will get.
- To avoid pain and disappointment. On this one Joel and I have the exact same answer - simply get comfortable with discomfort. I have used this phrase for years as a part of the Mission: I AM Possible podcast series (available in the Kryschendo Store and Media page) and i will use it again here. Discomfort IS growth and how you know you are moving to new places, with new adventures and new opportunities in your life. Find a way to get excited by the joys of discomfort.

Be careful but not safe in your BEing. Careful of the thoughts you fixate on, the words you express to yourself and others and the actions that tell you and the world 'this is who I am and where I am going with my life'.

Special Thanks to Joel for the inspiration today. Check out Joel's blog entry here - a great read: In Your Inbox&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=c8a3de734d-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN

U R GR8 Enuf!
I have spent the weekend listening and editing old radio archives and continue to be drawn to the conversation and thoughts around abundance. The idea that you simply ARE all that you need to create the amazing experiences you desire for yourself and the world. A true belief that all you need is available to you (time, energy, money, love)and even better, sits inside of YOU. Simple to say but not so easy to do - even harder to live without restriction each and every day. In The Thru Line show on Friday, Krys talked about suspending disbelief for just a moment - long enough to allow the message to soak into your cells IF ONLY for a moment. As kids we did not have to be told to suspend disbelief we simply lived in a place where all things were possible because each day we felt the results of that belief in some small or big way. Learning to hold your head up, rollover, crawl, walk, talk, run with reckless abandon....As i reflected on this thought i was reminded of my own simple childhood tool in the form of a mantra that i used without even realizing it. Many of you will recognize it from the ever popular childrens book "The Little Engine That Could". This little engine took on the great challenge that other bigger, stronger engines chose to pass down, out of fear of failure and disbelief. The little engine was on a mission to deliver toys to the children in the next town on the other side of the mountain. I love noting that the train was a SHE and she simply told herself "I ---think ---I can. I ---think ---I--- can. I ---think--- I ---can" all the way up the mountain, against all odds. Once at the top of the hill that mantra moved to "I----- thought------I-------could I----- thought----- I----- could. I thought I could. I thought I could. I thought I could."

I want to challenge each of you today to create your own "I Think I Can" mantra and go DO in that direction, against all odds, to achieve your greatest desires. The children are waiting and you Can Do IT!

SHOW Friday
It is another Friday and for us that means the form of podcasts and radio for Krystene with The Thru Line, LIVE on at 9am PST. As is almost always the case our shows are informed by our life. The work we have been doing, the challenges we are facing and the growth that is there for us - if we can choose it. Today will be no exception. I am anxious to get this day going and share, listen and learn from your comments and feedback.

The line-up for today:

1) The Thru Line with Krystene, 9am PST
2) The Thru Line - after show with Krystene and Deb. Podcast posted by end of day

3) Mission: I AM Possible. We are posting two new shows for the month with another scheduled to record today. In addition we are pulling some great conversations from the archives including a series on Resistance and another on Abundantly Living. I will let you know when those are posted.

Go make this day one you are excited to live and let us know how it goes!

It's Happy Dance Time!
OMG - it works! i am dancing...not pretty but joyful. I want to be the first to invite you to check out the store and give it a try. Please let us know if you run into any snags but i have tested it like CRAZY.

Off to bed now - more, real blogging tomorrow!!

Feel Good Wednesday!!
First and foremost, the website store bugs have been located and changes have been made. I am simply waiting on the full update to the site before i take off on a happy dance...but i am in happy dance 'ready position' very optimistic. If you have been waiting to purchase anything from the store it won't be long now, fingers crossed. I have heard from many of you and my sincere THANKS for hanging in with us!! I will give a shout OUT on the blog when i have tested and all is good.

Leaving that behind me for now i want to offer a quote for the day, exactly what i needed to hear:

Tuesday - Update
I am anxiously anticipating a resolution to the challenges we are having with the website store and no real updates yet but we are working on it. If you would like to get your hands on any of the store products please feel free to send me a shout at and i will get you what you need directly. Nothing will stand in the way of your journey so feel free to reach out to me with what you need.

All other updates are completed and we have many, many shows to post for Mission: I AM Possible so check that out through the week and listen for free while we still have those files in archive. Also, new products are in development in the form of tools, meditation, music and swag so stay tuned and i will let you know as soon as those are ready!

Go - create the day you are excited to live!!

New Day!
Happy Monday to all from Kryschendo!

Here's the website update...we have made the changes, updates and calls to get things up and running and I feel good about it - phew! The store is being fixed and my apologies to those that have experienced any hassle downloading product. We have the techno-Gods working on it and should be all fixed by end of day today - YAY! With that I am switching my focus to YOU the leaders, teachers and change agents of this wonderful world. Check out our resources page where we have posted music, storytelling and books that may be of great help to your path and journey...Oh, the places you will go! Also, go to the Media page and find some updates to Mission: I AM possible and The Thru Line with host, Krystene Du Maurier. Great listening to be had for sure with more content being added this week and every week.

Go create the day you are excited to live and leave us a note with your thoughts!

NOT - just another day
So here i am on a bright Saturday morning leisurely going about my day and readying myself to tackle my 'to do' list which included making tweaks and adds to the newly developed website that i wanted to launch on Monday. Well scratch that...we are LIVE! So much for having 48 hours before all the necessary network, server, domain moves...blah, blah, blah. So now, here i am a bit more frantic, making tweaks, adds and changes to the site so that it is everything we hoped it could be for you, our guest and teacher. If you come upon something that is not quite working please feel free to send us a note via the CONTACT page (via email) that works!! I am pulling the store out of test mode this morning and need to hear how it is working for you so let me know!!

And WE ARE Launched!! Oh, the places we are going to go - together...

More to come - soon, d
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​   ..To Live In Abundance
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