interactive intuitive and sound healer: awakening must first begin with ‘the one’ in order to comprehend the idea of ‘the many’. Understanding yourself as a unique and separate entity is the first step towards integration of the whole. The harmonious change we desperately crave sits directly at the feet of each individual on this planet. It is not a country that will save this world: it is each and every individual living inside those countries who find a way to release and activate their authentic voice, gifts and abilities that will change the world. ​Simply begin...Jump in with me! 
Krystene Du Maurier
Intuitive Healer & Medium
Radio/DJ Host
Musician, Composer and Sound Healer
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Give the gift of music...written, composed and mastered just for you or that special someone. Krystene is an accomplished concert pianist and composer with a portfolio of music that heals and energizes the soul. Partner with her to build that perfect harmony brought to life through sound and designed to light-up the specific blueprint that is your souls code. 
If you are interested in learning more contact to schedule a 1:1 consultation with Krystene Du Maurier. This is a no obligation consultation that will begin the process to deliver a gift as special and unique as you are.

This makes a wonderful, one-of-a-kind gift for that someone who has everything!  
*New composed and mastered music services start @ $1,000.00
**Krystene Du Maurier and Kryschendo retain all rights to composed music unless otherwise negotiated​
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