about Deb Du Maurier
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   ..A Steady Increase
     ...To Expand in all directions
​      ....To Create and Thrive without limits
     ...To Lead when no one else can follow
​   ..To Live In Abundance
.and share it with the World
Fire Starter Deb Du Maurier is a motivational speaker and educator who uses her intuitive skills to ignite and inspire the ‘knowingness’ in us all. Her happy place is sitting right in the middle of the fray, bold & free, taking on anything that gets in the way of humanity's self-empowerment and self-actualization. Deb not only speaks from the heart but from the mind of reason and logic, with a deep and personal understanding of lifes’ inherent challenges. She is a powerful voice with a singular focus to activate change. With that said, Deb, in her own words...

"I have spend much of my adult life looking for the "U" (aka: Me) in "Us". I found my passion in the arts and endurance sports all of my life and yet I was slugging it out in corporate america, to make an impact, for over two decades. As I understand nothing that happens is ever "wrong" or "by accident" I have come to integrate the artist, storyteller, intuitive, business woman, activator and athlete into one very unique package. And I look forward to working with the boldest, most battered, most frustrated, most "can't sit by another minute without my voice" of you out there battling with life in the world. You are not alone and not without your own stories of challenge and endurance, knowingness and suffering, tenacity and triumph, hope, faith and love. You are after all, my teachers in this world.

Come join us on Kryschendo and share openly. I am determined to make available those things that inspire a conversation and make you stop and think, "what do I believe?" and "how can I share it with the world?" We are not looking to be right, have all the answers or even begin to understand many of the gnarliest of topics. We do promise to Be Bold, Be Truthful and Be Free. We hope that you feel comfortable to be the same.