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Eclipse This, and That...
The second of four total eclipses occurring in 2014-2015 happens on October 8th. The Earth’s penumbra begins touching the moon’s face at 1:17 AM PST. The moon will begin to turn red at 2:18 AM PST with the maximum eclipse taking place at 3:55 AM PST. (​read more)
Perhaps Pluto has small mass syndrome from being demoted from planetary status as it always seems to be spoiling for a fight, especially when it teams up with its friend with the horns, Capricorn. Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and will be there until 2024.   (read more)
Pluto, That Pint Sized Planetary Provocateur!
Originally posted: 10/6/2014
Originally posted: 10/13/2014
More than Tricks and Treats
I have seen good and bad karma being assigned to everything from asking for a pay raise to finding a parking space and it makes me cringe every time. The words “good” and “bad” should be assigned to football teams and theater experiences, but not to the word “karma”.  (read more)
In the western world it’s time for ghosts, spooky fun, and sugar overload! We have all heard that Halloween is the modern day, Samhain, a festival celebrated in ancient Celtic and Druid societies. Samhain, is the Gaelic word for November and is thought to come from “sam-fuin” which means “summer’s end”.(read more)

Karma…You’re Doing it Wrong
Originally posted: 10/25/2014
Originally posted: 10/30/2014
Day of the Dead
In many cultures death is a taboo subject not often discussed. It is sometimes feared, sometimes dreaded but rarely is it embraced as it is in Latin American cultures during the celebration known as El Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, which occurs the first two days of November. (read more)
How the Universe is Like Jeopardy
When I first started learning about creative visualization and setting intentions, all the rules around not saying what you don’t want and using only positive words seemed strange to me. Is the universe that painfully literal friend who can never gather an inference or roll with your sarcasm? (read more)
The Real Scoop on Sagittarius!
...No sign in the zodiac so perfectly embodies the convivial, jovial spirit of holiday time like Sagittarius. According to the song, Age of Aquarius, when Jupiter aligns with Mars then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars. And that time is now! ​(read more)
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It All Goes for 2015!
​(oops, not the cat)
...you’re standing over a box marked, “donate” with something in your hand that you haven’t seen in years, paralyzed with fear that you might need it someday but if it doesn’t leave your house in the next 24 hours you’ll never get promoted, be able to build a retirement fund, see Europe, or find the love of your life.  (read more)
A New Beginning and So Much More
January is one of the newest months of the calendar, having only been added in 713 B.C. When the Romans adopted the Greek Calendar and shifted from a lunar to a solar year there were only 10 months. The names of the last months of the year still reflect their place in the 10 month cycle. (read more)
This isn't the blog I planned on writing this week. Quite frankly, this isn’t the blog I wanted to write this week, but in light of some chilling statements I’ve seen in the media and on Facebook, I thought it was important. Thought it’s generally unspoken in polite company I feel that the broad sentiment in the US about Islam is somewhat negative.  (read more)
"Food For Thought"
On January 20th the sun enters into the dreamy and future oriented sign of Aquarius. This sign rules the vanguard of change through logical thinking, mutual benefit, and equality for all. Those of you who are lucky enough to have an Aquarius in your life have probably reaped the benefits of their forward thinking encouragement.... ​​ (read more)
The Age of Aquarius
The dreaded Mercury retrograde. It looks pretty in the photo but in real life it can look like expensive repair bills, missed appointments, disagreements, a pepperoni pizza when you ordered mushroom, and general chaos. I try not to make too much of the retrograde because... (read more)
Finding your Flow with Mercury in Retrograde
Carnival is derived from the Latin Carne Vale which means “farewell to the flesh”. I’ve been in New Orleans during Mardi Gras and I’m pretty sure most people think it means “farewell to the sobriety and clothing.” These celebrations are known for their wild revelry and drunken frolicking. (read more)
A Week Of Celebrations!
March 22 is World Water Day. World Water Day was instituted in 1993 by the United Nations General Assembly to recognize the worldwide problem of water sanitation and promote the development of sustainable practices where water usage is concerned. It’s easier to get a cell signal than it is clean water and not just in the western world. In India for example, almost 2/3rds of the population doesn’t have access to proper sanitation or clean water. That equates to 806 million people. The number of cellphones in India is estimated at about 971 million. Worldwide, 1 in 5 deaths is directly related to unsafe drinking water. (read more)
World Water Day - March 22, 2015
For those of you lucky enough to be under clear skies this past week, you are being treated to quite a steamy heavenly tango. Mars and Venus are in close conjunction due south of the waxing winter moon as it rises to its zenith. This conjunction is in the fiery sign of Aries. (read more)
The strong smell of haddock from the church on the corner, headaches from caffeine withdrawal, nicotine fits, candy bars in the trash, and liquor down the sink can only mean one thing. It’s Lent! Lent officially began last Wednesday. Millions of devoted Catholics and... (read more) 
Lent It Be!
The Mars Venus Hook-Up
It’s time for hearts and flowers and the slinging of cupids arrows. That’s right, it’s Valentine’s Day! Or should I say, St. Valentine’s Day! Seeing the holiday written this way in a store got me wondering what Valentine did to become a saint and how the holiday created... (read more) 
Love is in the Air!
Even M O R E​​ "Food For ​Thought"