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​​​Kai Greenway has had her “knowingness” from a very early age. Directed to become a nurse, she received her nursing license shortly before her 21st birthday. Due to the nursing areas in which she worked, Kai became very familiar with dying, death and NDEs. The experiences in her life have consistently contributed to her 40+ years as a healer. Kai also holds a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition.

​Always the Healer, Kai assimilates and communicates information learned through all sources for the purpose of contributing to the improvement, growth, health, and empowerment of the individual: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Her further experience as a mentor, counselor, and teacher adds to aiding one’s personal growth process. A student of metaphysics, Kai also carries her ability as an energy healer and the capability to see potential future events in her skills toolbox.

The goal of Kai’s writing is to promote the consideration of ideas which reminds us all that our journey is not usually a direct path, but a “crooked road” that must be traveled in order to enhance our life and soul’s experience.
Kai Greenway
Mourning Bride Rose
Soothing your Deep Passion

I am sure you are familiar with the quote, “Music has charms to soothe the savage breast.” (Yes, breast, not beast.) Many think Shakespeare is the author, but in actuality it was written by William Congreve (1670-1729) as a character’s quote from his tragic play, “The Mourning Bride”. In Congreve’s time breast referred to the upper torso. Almeria (the bride) is reflecting on how to assuage her deep yearning and passion for her new husband who she believes is dead. (read more of the launch article)

Lisa Burkhart
Lisa Burkhart is passionate about visual communication in all its forms. She has been a content creator for the web for the past 8 years. Before that she was a graphic artist and photographer. She is attracted to the instant gratification aspect of producing content for the web. She loves that it’s possible to edit a film in the morning and have it seen by millions across the globe by the afternoon or to have a gallery show viewed and commented on by art seekers from all across the virtual art community with the touch of a button. As a news and information junky she also enjoys sharing that learning with others via informational videos and blog posts. She is currently a contributor to 5 blogs and has produced promotional or instructional videos for everyone from a medical supply company, to a furniture retailer, to a Wolf sanctuary.

Lisa has a B.A in Photo communications but feels she has learned the most about artistic concepts for extensive study abroad from the museums of Italy, to the carved pilgrim’s caves or India, to the Imperial palaces of China. She has received arts grants from both Fuji and Kodak to photograph is Asia and Latin America. Future projects include a video motorcycle travelogue focused on women riders and a film project about cleaning the world’s water. She is excited to be contributing both written and visual content to Kryschendo.