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You will find our favorite music below. We have put it on the list because of its quality in terms of storytelling, sound healing, inspiration or just plain 'cool-factor'. We will aggragate from the best of the best, so let us know who you are! 
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"Failure is an event, not a person. Yesterday ended last night. Today is a brand new day...and it's yours."~ Zig Ziglar
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Krystene's Recommendations
Artist: Rachmaninoff (solo piano with orchestra and so much more!)
​​Title: Piano concert #2 in C minor: Rhapsody on a theme from Paganini 
- ​Performer: Lang, Lang
- Orchestra of the Moriinsky Theatre and Valerie Gergiev​
With all classical music, what makes a great composition even greater are the solo artists and orchestras. I have included in my list the name of the solo artist (if applicable) along with the orchestra, title of album and release date. Should make it pretty easy for you when you are looking for it, but if you’ve got any questions, give me a shout-out and I’ll get back to you promptly!
Artist: George Gershwin
​(orchestral, film music, brilliant!)
​​​​Title: Rhapsody in Blue; An American in Paris  
- ​Gershwin: Greatest Hits
- Porgy & Bess
Artist: Ravel (orchestral)
​​Title: Bolero – there are a few great renditions of this piece, one of my favorites being a group called, Pink Martini

Artist: Debussy (lots of solo piano as well as groupings of acoustic instruments)
​​Other: Various artists, released January 17th, 2012
Artist: Yo-Yo Ma (cellist!)
​Bach, cello suites nos. 1, 5 & 6
Classic Yo-Yo
Yo-Yo Ma: Appassionato
Artist: Bobby McFerrin (all vocal and just mind-blowingly brilliant)
​Title: Vocabularies, released March 15th, 2010
I enjoy classical music but also know the best recommendations need to be left to the expert and she has you covered. My reco's of music are varied, in some ways extreme and may not seem to all fit together. With that said, I enjoy music that holds the following for me and often times all in one song: tells a  great story, has appropriately high or lo energy, has a 'beat' I cant get out of my head and often catches me by surprise. There are too many to show here so i will update over time. If you have a recommendation give us a shout to add to the list!
Artist: Krystene Du Maurier (ALL)
Title: The Long Road Home, Mostly, You Empowered​​
Artist: Gary Wright space
​​​​Title: "Dream Weaver"

Artist: Journey (shout out to my fellow Journey fans)
Title: ALL but especially "Don't Stop Believin'"

Artist: American Scarecrows (on itunes)
Title: Keep Your Devils Around

Artist: ​​​​Jeff Buckley
Title: All but especially "Hallelujah"

Artist: Jon McLaughlin
Title:​​​​ All, start with The Early Recordings album

Artist: Bon Jovi (yes, I get all kinds of flack for this!)​e
​Title: All, especially - "Keep the Faith", "Make a Memory", "Blaze of Glory"
Artist: Mary J. Blige 
​​Title: All, especially - "Take Me As I Am", "Stairway to Heaven"
Artist: R. Kelly
Title: "Let Your Light Shine"​ ​
Artist: Emineme
​Title: Recovery