Mission: I AM Possible will focus on topical, relevant and impactful life experiences we face every day that often detour us from all that is possible in our lives. Each week Deb and Krystene will breakdown and debate many of the gnarliest day-in, day-out life challenges that produce the barriers we choose to simply accept or boldly work to overcome. For those on a mission, they will provide practical tools and strategies that blow through barriers and share stories about themselves and others that will keep the mission, “I AM possible” real for you. If your mission is to simply think, speak and be ALL that you are then this show is a “can’t miss” adventure.
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Mission: I AM Possible with Deb & Krystene launched its second season ealier this year and is off to a big start with new programming, format and website to support all the content.  Take a listen to the shows in archive and share your thoughts including any topics you would like us to focus on.
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​Combatting Resistance Series

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​5 Regrets of the dying...the killing of a spirit​

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This show aired one day after I returned from a trip where I had to say good-bye to a very close friend, mentor and fellow warrior. It was a gift to be her friend and a privilege to support her as she began the journey to her next adventure. While I miss giving her a hug every day, it helps knowing that she is simply a moment away in my thoughts and a regular visitor in my dreams. Needless to say I was fired-up to do this show, I have never forgotten the message and each of the five points.

finerminds.com agrees...this is good stuff! Kudos to Bronnie Ware!!
5 Ways to Live Fully and Without Regrets​​​​