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​​​​​​Kryschendo Numerology Classes for Purchase

Receive the basics and so much more as you dive deep into "The Basics of Numerology", brought to you by Kryschendo's own master teacher, Krystene Du Maurier.

The Basics of Numerology is an 8 week workshop that will take you from the origin of numbers in your life to the depths of what they say about you and the ones you love. Knowledge is power and learning about the perfect ​​nature of you is a beautiful equation no matter how you add it up. 

Go at your own pace and jump in with the class that gets you most excited below. Class One and Two (of 8 total classes) are available for purchase and download NOW!

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Numerology Basics Class ONE (1)
Numerology Basics Class TWO (2)
Number Archetypes 1-9, 11 &22: How they function inside of your numerology chart

This is an important recording, accompanied with a PDF file explaining each number archetype 1-9, 11 and 22 and how they function inside of your Life Path, Expression, Heart’s Desire and Birthday. Once you listen to this recording and read the PDF file, your personal chart will begin to make sense to you in a way that is exciting and very, very real. You’ll be able to activate the knowledge quickly in order to gain forward momentum with your life, your dreams and goals that are in alignment with your Heart’s Desire. (cost: $49.99)

The Magic of Your Name: The First Origin of Numerology

Your name is not an accident but a highly sequences series of tones, vowels and consonants that resonate with the structure of the Universe. You’re name is filled with a perfect structure that resonates with the great I AM of you. In this recording, Krystene covers the origin of numbers, their evolution and how each symbol came into our everyday experience. This is a recording you will refer back to again and again for yourself, as well as those who impact you. ​(cost:$49.99)

Numerology Basics Class THREE (3)
Numerology Basics Class FOUR (4)
Sub-Core Elements - and Just as Elemental

Now that we have the core elements covered and understood, it’s time to excavate the sub-core numbers in your chart: Karmic lessons, Karmic Debt, Hidden Passion, Sub-Conscious Self, Balance and Maturity. These sub elements are sometimes more important than the core elements and have a substantial impact on how you make decisions and run your daily affairs. (cost: $49.99)

Life Cycles

This class covers Cycles, Pinnacles and Challenge periods which can range anywhere from 9 to 35 years depending on when you were born. They are critical to understand and will shed much light on repetitive situations and conditions in your experiences. Life cycles always dove-tail with the Core Elements of any chart and play an integral role in the overall mosaic of your comprehensive chart and how it manifests in your life. 
(cost: $49.99)

Numerology Basics Class FIVE (5)
Master Numbers

Master Numbers are a topic of fascination and intrigue amongst Numerology fans. Everybody wants one, but what to do with it once you know you know you've ‘got it’ in your personal chart? Master Numbers are a bit like having an extremely intelligent child in your midst who is simply bored out of their minds so is constantly getting into trouble. What to do with the brilliant child? Feed their mind with options that don’t bore them to tears, that’s what. And then…miraculous things begin to happen and the child grows…and becomes dare I say it, content with the level of curious enthusiasm for life. What is missing in our understanding of Master Numbers is ‘what to do’ with them and how to keep them engaged in our everyday lives.  (cost: $49.99)