with Kai Greenway
With Gratitude,

Natural World Empaths
Emotionally and physically feeling what others are feeling is the simple definition of an emotional empath. But what is a Natural World Empath? These empaths are attuned intimately with what is affecting the natural world: animals, plants, crystals, weather, large shifts in temperature and/or barometric pressure, magnetic shifts, natural and man-made disasters, solar influences, changes within the earth, and in the Earth’s rebalancing to beneficial vibratory rates. The world is ever changing and natural world empaths react to these changes. These reactions can range from having a slight effect such as some queasiness in the stomach to major reactions with intense migraines and major draining of energy.
Existing within a living Earth and Cosmos when you are a Natural World Empath is challenging to say the least and can reach high levels of emotional and physical debilitation to those who are highly attuned and are in touch with multiple natural world empathic sensitivities. Aware Natural World Empaths understand very clearly that everyone and everything in the Universe are all connected.

But what about the people who don’t realize they are empaths, let alone Natural World Empaths? Or the people that know their empathic but haven’t yet realized they are also Natural World Empaths? These empaths suffer, not understanding why, let alone how they can feel better in the midst of all these energies. They may go from doctor to doctor searching for relief from their symptoms and receiving no definitive diagnosis, constantly worrying what is wrong with them.

If you suspect you are Natural World Empath keep a journal that records dates and times when you have emotional and physical symptoms and note possible corresponding natural and world events that impact the Earth and Universe. Notice any connections and jot them down.

The following is a list of the most likely symptoms that Natural World Empaths experience:
  • Anxiety that passes as the event concludes
  • Inner body vibrations which are discounted as muscle spasms
  • Dreams or nightmares related to natural events
  • Ear pressure
  • Emotional feelings of impending doom, feelings of “coming apart at the seams”
  • Energy suddenly being drained from your body
  • Mental haziness, confusion, “a full head” and the inability to think clearly
  • Migraines which cause pain but can be tolerated
  • Nature Deficit Disorder (explained below, labeled A.)
  • Nausea that comes in waves
  • Physical pain, mild in nature, in any part of your body
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD (explained below, labeled B.)
  • Shakiness, transient in nature
  • Static electricity (more than usual) shocking to you or to others
  • Vertigo
  1. Symptoms of Nature Deficit Disorder occur when a person deprives themselves of being out in nature for an extended time. Symptoms of this include body aches, fatigue, lack of sleep, decreased immune system, and chronic inflammatory conditions within the body. Spend regular time out in nature; taking walks, sitting among trees, strolling along the beach, sitting in the sun, etc.
  2. SAD occurs during protracted times of minimal sunlight. Symptoms include low-energy, irritability, hypersensitivity, feeling of body heaviness, oversleeping, craving carbohydrates, weight gain, and depression. If weather prevents extended time in sunlight invest in and spend time under Natural Light lamps and light bulbs.
The Natural World Empath is placed in a state of imbalance by the outside influences affecting them internally. Beneficial suggestions for the Natural World Empath:
  1. Routinely rebalance your chakras and clear your energy field. If you need help seek out an energy healer.
  2. When you experience symptoms during natural events you are receiving massive doses of outside energies. Experiment with techniques to redirect this excess energy to become beneficial to you or redirect the energy into Gaia’s core and ground yourself.
  3. Expend excess energies through exercise and connections with nature’s beauty and wonder. This may seem contrary but it isn’t.
  4. Most of all hold a compassionate space for what the World and Universe is experiencing. Once you are feeling centered, grounded, and in balance send loving and healing to the World, Universe and the energies that they are experiencing and adjusting to in the best way they can.