with Kai Greenway
With Gratitude,

ACT, Win or Lose!
“Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose”

I think we all have to deal with long stretches of what can go wrong will go wrong. We have had to deal with different amounts of sadness, stress, disappointments, and heartbreaks which seem to arrive on our doorstep either oppressively concurrent or in rapid succession. After an initial reaction of anger, all we want to do is hold our heads in our hands and cry. But after that tension releasing cry it’s time to take a deep breath, summon up our character, and start taking action. We do what we can, when we can.

 The secret is to get up and do something in order to move forward. Sitting staring at a wall is not going to get you where you want to go. True, sometimes you can’t get your thoughts and focus and you do wind up staring at a wall for a while but don’t stagnate in that position. Talk yourself through the process. And this means even if you have to say to yourself, “okay Self, I am getting up now. I am going to shower, get dressed, put on my shoes and accomplish…. “ It doesn’t matter what you accomplish as long as you are doing something. And from there you move on to the next thing followed by the next thing and so on. Once you start doing this it clears your head somewhat and soon you are able to look at the struggle and start to formulate some sort of plan. It’s a plan of action! Break it down into steps and accomplish one thing at a time. The solution is in the doing. Remember sometimes we have to wait for the timing to be at the perfect time, the patient. The steps may not be accomplished as quickly as you want them to but things are in the works. And above all always know that someone somewhere is or has gone through similar struggles. We are never completely alone in our experiences, be strong and persevere-struggles are inevitable, but each struggle makes us stronger.

“And most times you choose between the two”

Soon you will find yourself diligently working daily, taking things off your list, getting the small things done, and seeing glimpses of the things to come. The solutions arrived at may not be exactly be as we envisioned them but they all are usually what we really needed at the exact time we needed them to arrive at our doorstep. Sometimes we don’t wholeheartedly agree with the solutions, and sometimes the solutions aren’t exactly stellar. Having the benefit of the passage of time, looking at things in retrospect, is the only way we can see the big picture and appreciate the outcomes. Things did turn out fairly well, again not exactly as we wanted, but exactly what we needed.

In our dealings with each successive struggle in our lives we gain the confidence and raise our self-esteem. This gives us even more strength to deal with the next struggle, to come our way. That we can be sure of because life is filled with challenges. As we are challenged with more and more struggles we gain the courage to tell ourselves, “I got through that, I can get through this.” When we do see ourselves through we can celebrate the wondrous beings that we are.

“Talkin’ ‘bout sweet seasons on my mind”

(Note: lyrics by Carole King)​​​​​​​​​​​