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If there ever was a theme song for the compelling attraction between significant soul mates and between twin flames I think it would be this song. (read more)

Night and Day
Time for AWE
AWE, it’s such a small word with such great power. Mystical. In such a short span of calculable time you have the ability to slow time down. (read more)
We all have people in our lives growing up that have impacted us in positive ways. Think of those people and jot down... (read more)
A Mantra for all Time!
I recently read an interview with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin and one sentence that Jane Fonda said stuck in my brain. Quote, “Why aren’t we taught that kindness matters? (read more)

Many of you are acquainted with the idiom Eye of the Tiger. It signifies personal overriding of your fears to summon...  (read more)
Eye of the Elephant
Do you allow the parts of dogmatic religions that promote shame to erode your self esteem? Or do you see this as manipulative tactics within religious doctrine that you refuse to accept into your life? (read more)
Be the Dog and Not the Dogma!
Take Stock and Move Mountains
The cooler, cleansing breezes of autumn are stirring, whispering the reminder to prepare for the colder season and all it brings. It is time for us to take stock... (read more)
You know that sinking feeling. You have been working hard, focusing on making those self improvements, striving towards accomplishing those goals, moving forward on your journey. Then, WHAM!!  (read more)
Gremlins Be Gone!
“The little girl just could not sleep because her thoughts were way too deep her mind had gone out for a stroll and fallen down the rabbit hole."

Sound familiar? You have seized on to a beginning (or end) of an idea.  (read more)

Going Mad as a Hatter? 
Why do we only ask those big questions when we run into difficult situations? You know which ones: Who am I and what am I here to do?  (read more)
PREPARE to Live Life
Friendship bracelets have gone through different levels of popularity since the 1960s when the hippie movement used them to denote like-minded souls. (read)
The Ring of Friendship
A few weeks ago I caught my big toe underneath a Formica lined closet door and almost ripped the nail completely off. ((Ouch!)) I know I was there! Anyway, I did the nurse thing... (read more)
You're Grounded!??
Fellow spelunker’s get your helmets with those attached searchlights out of the closet because you are going on another inner journey. A few weeks ago I asked you to take an inner journey in search of your inner truths.  (read more)
Inner Joy
When I was very young (about three years old) I had a dream that repeated quite often. I was myself looking inside a box filled with cute little kittens. (read more)
What Animals Guide You?
Balance In ALL Areas
People enjoy coloring and do it on a regular or semi-regular basis having noticed how it relaxes them and centers them into the now. (read more)
How can we, as a group, move a “me” culture into a predominantly “we” culture?  (read more)
Finding the ME in WE
Your brain is in constant communication with every segment of your body. Basically, there is nothing the brain does not know about you. You may not be aware of all there is... (read more)
A Trusting Thought
Those of us who are on the path of self growth find in our lives times that require a process of Perseverance, Query, Removal, Shifting, and Transforming.  (read more)
This month has had a strange rhythm to it. It has been a mixture of excitement and joy, moving at a slightly quickened pace...(read more)
The Echoes of Self-Empowerment
When I was in my late teens and early 20s there was a lovely florist shop located on the shopping street...How many can say their job brings them joy? (read more)
Plate Glass Words
The number of people opening up to their intuitive gifts is on a steep rise. If you are someone who’s feeling like a stranger in a strange land...(read more)
Straddle Strut
I have recently been thoroughly enjoying a five-year-old’s curiosity and enthusiasm produced by exploring the topic of our solar system. (read more)
I am writing this article during a week of almost constant rain accompanied by a thick blanket cloud cover; no Sun breaking through, no Wind carrying clarity. (read more)
Cloud Blankets
Humble, according to Mirriam-Webster dictionary, means: not thinking or showing that you are better than others. (read more)
Have you ever thought about the importance of hugging in your life and the lives of others? Hugs give us that warm and fuzzy feeling, calms us down, and just makes us feel good about ourselves. (read more)
The Power of Hugs
The hospital where I had my first nursing position was down the block from a daytime luncheonette that served breakfast and lunch. Now I didn’t get out much for my lunch ...(read more)
Bees play an important, but seemingly invisible role in most world eco-systems where there is vegetation for the minimum of 3 to 4 months per year... (read more)
Bee Buzz
According to the United Nations estimates there are approximately 795 million people, or one in nine, experiencing chronic hunger and undernourishment in the years 2014 to 2016. (read more)
Food Insecurity

​​the a​rchive​​
Life is a Mystery
When I was starting to reach retirement age I was flooded with letters and emails from every kind of “retirement expert” you could possibly imagine existed. (read)
Hillary Rodham Clinton wasn’t the first woman to run for president-Victoria Woodhull was. If you are scratching your head wondering if I fell into some parallel universe and have forgotten where I am read on. (read)

Madam President
Scientific researchers’ cite that we think over 60,000 thoughts a day and the majority of those thoughts are negative! Our negative thoughts are made up of worry, fears, guilt, self-doubt, and self admonishment. (read more)
Matters of the Mind - Matter!
As we are getting close to this year’s end and another new year beginning my mind started pondering the cycle of life. There are no beginnings nor endings, just...(read more)

The Sacred Hoop
In that blissful quiet time between midnight and dawn snow begins to fall. Slowly at first, each flake is gently floating to the ground taking its time to start creating a white blanket. (read more)
Snowstorm Swirls
It’s a New Year and with it comes a landslide of New Year’s resolutions. Personally, I don’t like the idea of making resolutions. It gives you a false perception that you’ve got an entire year to achieve your resolution. (read more)
Off and Up!
Like it or not, there are always changes happening in life. The process of living life doesn’t stand still, it always moves even when it appears like it isn’t.(read more)
The High Heart Chakra is located between the Heart and Throat Chakras, situated in the area of the thymus gland. The thymus gland extends from the lower border of the thyroid gland to the higher border of the heart... (read more)
High Heart Beats
I have to admit to you that the first week that we had great “almost spring” weather my writing muses packed up and went on “vacation”-together! Left alone at my computer I got the idea of writing about the Nine Muses.​​ (read more)
A-Muse Yourself
One morning I was walking in my bedroom when I perceived the silvery threadlike string extending outward or perhaps it was extending inward towards... (read more)
Look for the Silver Thread
Lately there has been a great discussion about abusive relationships. And, yes, these can be classified as violent, but I want to bring out the point that these relationships are also an example of negative control. (read more)
Control Patrol
Where do Controllers, Manipulators, and Abusers come from psychologically and ultimately who are they in our lives? (read more)

The Locus of Control
Abuse of the Innocent
With over 3 million reported cases of child abuse investigations per year, the United States holds one of the worst records of industrialized nations in this area of Child Abuse. ​​(read more)

The Elderly population is also vulnerable to abuse in a number of ways. Depending on others for partial or complete care...(read more)
Elder Abuse
Emotionally and physically feeling what others are feeling is the simple definition of an emotional empath. But what is a Natural World Empath? (read more)
Natural World Empaths
An expectation is the act or state of looking forward to, or anticipating, a certain outcome. Everyone has them... (read more)
Part of your overall health is your belief system. Belief systems are also referred to as spiritual health. Belief systems help us cope with fears... (read more)
The Process of Beliefs
ACT, Win or Lose!
“Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose”

I think we all have to deal with long stretches of what can go wrong will go wrong. We have had to deal with different amounts of sadness, stress, disappointments, and heartbreaks which seem to arrive on our doorstep either oppressively concurrent or in rapid succession. After an initial reaction of anger, all we want to do is hold our heads in our hands and cry. But after that tension releasing cry it’s time to take a deep breath, summon up our character, and start taking action. We do what we can, when we can. (read more)