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BALANCE    3 Parts
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At a family barbecue, I let my mind wander while enjoying watching the younger cousins playing a game of Hide and Seek. As I looked on, the children running both inside and outside the house searching for that best place to hide, I came upon a realization. Our quest to receive intuitive messages can be compared to Hide and Seek. (read more)
Hide and Seek

​​​​...I am being pushed to relate something that happened decades ago. I have the feeling that in order for me to proceed with my original desired writing direction; I will have to put this down on paper first. (read more)
Strength Over Strife

Dina had just gone to a funeral the day before for the son of a close friend, Carol. But this article is not an article on loss. It is about Carol. A woman who has grown so much during a life filled with strife. (read more)
​What should you as a reader expect from one of my articles that are specifically labeled a “Ponder This” entry?
These are written pieces meant to be subjective in nature. Something that you can relate to the subject through your own experiences and thoughts: forming your own historical context inside what I have written.  My goal is for you, the reader, to deliberately weigh (or ponder) the subject in order to understand it more deeply on a purely personal level.
Very recently I came across the new book by medical futurist, Dr. Bertalan Mesko. Just reading the title, The Guide to the Future of Medicine: Technology and the Human Touch, started my brain synapses to fire in multiple directions. (read more)
The Future is Closer than We Think!
Cultural Creatives…is this You?
Have you ever heard the term Cultural Creative? I actually didn't investigate the term until a few months ago. To my surprise (and dismay) I discovered there was a term for me and my own personal collection of values. (read more)

Einstein changed universally how we look at matter. His equation E=mc² proposed matter and energy are interchangeable. Scientists, now catching up to Einstein’s theories...(read more)
Good Vibrations
Solfeggio Scale Effect ​on the Mind and Body

Since the first time man rhythmically stomped his feet the human race has used music as a tool for healing mind and body. Music spiritually connects one to the Universal Energy that...(read more)
Are Sounds the only alternate “language” that affects the human body? Not by any means. Let’s consider Color. Colors, like musical tones are perceived through frequencies. ​(read more)
For the Love of Color!
The Sky is Falling...Or Not?
I am sure you are all aware negative people that can drain your stores of energy. If you spend time with someone like this you often realize you are becoming tires and somewhat irritable. Time to clean and clear, right?  (read more)
The Magic of the Universe!
The Universe has a way of working its own kind of magic. A few weeks ago a friend of mine went to the supermarket to do her weekly shopping. Before she started to shop she went to the ATM to extract the cash to pay for the groceries. (read more)
Life & Living It…​A Matter of Time

Robin Williams’ autopsy showed that he had Lewy Body Dementia. LBD is just under Alzheimer’s in the ranking of Dementia diseases and affects 1.3 million people in the U.S. (read more)
...I saw myself in an ancient time, living in a temple complex of priestesses, women and girls. I was never able to ascertain which goddess this temple honored, but this was not the message I needed to hear back then. (read more)
A Boost UP for Your Balanced Self

Mother Nature's NO Fool

Here we are in the midst of winter in the northern hemisphere. Bridging fall and spring, Mother Nature is quietly regenerating herself behind the scenes. As humans, we are part of nature and we are also on a reset. (read more)
...It is not only positive because of the festive mood but because this family gets along and enjoys each other’s company without any pretenses. We are considered an extension “part of the family” and for this I am truly grateful. (read more)
Let It Go!

Last week's article:
I think at times moving through life we get a bit impatient. Okay, maybe a great deal impatient. You get impatient, and then you get frustrated with the way the situation sits in the present. (read more)
The Doing of Patience & Compassion

...My creative brain didn’t want to co-operate with my logical “let’s plan this out and put it down on paper” brain. And so I sat. I kept coming up empty on ideas, not even a spark to ignite the creative writer residing within me.(read more)
Change - aka:Growing Pains

Who's Driving YOU?

Last month on the Kick-Start Deb asked, “Who drives your car?” What she was asking was: who drives your life? Are you in possession of the steering wheel of your life? These are very important questions and deserve closer scrutiny. (read more)
In the Flow
I think we have all experienced that kind of day when everything just flows. We are aware of this perfect harmony with the world around us, maintaining ourselves in perfect alignment, and we float..(read more)
High in April, down in May, back on top in June. The song “That’s Life” conveys the idea of the fluctuations of life: the euphoric, the good, the bad and the traumatic.  (read more)
Ride with Resilience!
The Universe’s Source Energy surrounds us in Love. Everywhere and at all times Love is in the air. Feel the air around you. It constantly expresses Love that can be tapped into. (read more)
Love is in the Air!
Effects of Cortisol on the Human Body
Our body’s primitive, automatic, inherent response of “flight or fight” is to protect us from threat to our survival. (read more)
Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Many of us will be sitting around a festive table with our family (biological or self-made); others may be spending part, if not all, of their day helping out at open kitchens and homeless shelters... (read more)
I couldn’t let this month end without mentioning that it is National Drumming Month. Were you one of those kids who loved to drum on anything available? When you are young fingers are very convenient drumsticks.  (read more)
Feel the Beat of Your Own Drum
Love with No Limits
Feeling drained? Of course you are! You are so busy spreading unconditional love around you forgot the most important person who should have been on that unconditional love recipient list-you!  (read more)
Serenity Now

Open yourself up to see new and exciting things to do that are around you. Think about the things you always wanted to try or learn and give it a go. Make a concerted effort to stick with it and becoming spontaneous will become a valuable habit. (read more)
You Were Born to Create
When I was young I adopted the perception that I wasn’t artistic. Whether the idea was implanted... (read more)
Listen and Speak
Our learning experiences are ever present in our lives. Some experiences happen when we are very young like walking and talking. (read more)
Childlike Empowerment
Most of what you hear and read about the inner child has to do with healing a “broken” or “traumatized” inner child. (read more)
Are you ready for a journey of courage and wisdom? This journey is yours and yours alone. Walking down a path that you might have walked before, you may see signs of your previous travels in some places.  (read more)
The Sacred Path Less Traveled
Are you experiencing one of those “bleak” winter days? The sky is cloudy and dark, the surroundings eerily quiet and no beautiful white snow to reflect illuminating light. (read more)
Ramblings of One Who Ponders
According to the United Nations estimates there are approximately 795 million people, or one in nine, experiencing chronic hunger and undernourishment in the years 2014 to 2016. Seven hundred-eighty million people are living in developing countries, or approximately one in eight. Eleven million people are undernourished in developed countries. (read more)
Food Insecurity
MORE "Ponder This"...​
In early civilizations honey was the major obtainable sweetener. Native Americans collected their own honey from wild hives before the honeybee was brought into the New World by the European settlers of the 1600s. This spread both bees and their honey worldwide. The first sweets made containing honey were sure to be included in ceremonial offerings that were made to deities. This not only made the honey a food staple but also sealed its connection with the Divine. Bees were displayed on royal robes and raised the symbology of both bees and honey as being linked to Sacred and Divine status. It is just these reasons that cement the symbolic appearance of the Bee in dreams and meditations to be connected with the validation of the importance of the message coming from a Divine Source. (read more)
For the Love of Honey
Best Laid Plans
What lies at the heart of our schemes, plans, dreams, and aspirations? Is it our personal preferences? Other people’s idea of who we should be?  (read more)
Okay, I admit it-I am a Baby Boomer and although my comic book purchases were more “Casper the Friendly Ghost” and Archie comics I loved watching Superman on television.  (read more)