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Get your yearly and monthly PYN reports below. Choose one or choose a bundle and SAVE.

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2017 MONTHLY Overview on Personal Year Numbers 1-9

Personal Year monthly recordings: the TO-DO’s & TO-DON’Ts list for your personal success!

Like a mama watching over her children, this recording is designed to keep you far away from the ‘time-out’ chair of life! Following the clear and concise To-Do & To-Don’t directives is a sure-fire way to keep you focused and clear, with a laser-sharp sight on your personal aims and goals.

​Cost: $30.00
2017 YEARLY Overview on Personal Year Numbers 1-9

Your Personal Year recordings: themes, energies and goals for the 12 month cycle.

Each of the 9 Personal Year cycles have specific aims and goals that are there to help you gain success and prosperity in life. Knowing what these internal and external targets are is extremely helpful in getting the most you possibly can out of your personal year experience. These recordings are anywhere from 45 minutes to well over an hour and are loaded with detailed information that is truly invaluable.

​​Cost: $45.00
​Yearly PYN Report
3 Month Bundle Package - $80.00    (save $10)
6 Month Bundle Package - $160.00  (save $20)
9 Month Bundle Package - $240.00  (save $30)
6 Month Overview Session with Krystene on Personal Year Numbers 1-9

This is a personal, 1:1 session with Krystene Du Maurier designed to bring you up to speed on the first 6 months of your personal year cycle with a focus on what to do and focus on for the rest of the year. This is an opportunity to check-in, catch-up or simply get answers to your questions about your personal year and help you get the most out of the six months ahead. 

​​If you are feeling behind on your personal year use this service to catch-up and get ahead!

This session includes 60 minutes with Krystene covering an overview of the personal year directives for Jan-May and focusing on what needs to happen in June, moving forward. You will receive the June PYN recording as well as a recording of the one hour session.   

​​Cost: $225.00
Monthly PYN Discussion Session with Krystene on Personal Year Numbers 1-9

This is a personal, 1:1, 30 minute session with Krystene Du Maurier focused on you and your personal year MONTHLY directives. If you desire a LIVE discussion with Krystene on the month's movement this session is for you. You will have an opportunity to focus on the directives and how they are showing up in your life. In this LIVE session you will be able to get to the heart of your PYN month in a way that is completely personal, specific and to the point. 

​​If you are feeling the need to dive deep on a personal level relative to your PYN month - this service is designed for you! 

This session includes 30 minutes with Krystene covering the months directives. You will have an opportunity to ask questions, dive deep on the directives that are cooking in your life and be more informed on the months ahead. You will also receive the June PYN recording as well as a recording of your personal session.   

​​Cost: $99.00
Don't miss the opportunity to get personal with Krystene on your monthly PYN movement.  
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