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Fire Starter Deb Du Maurier is a motivational speaker, psychic, coach and educator who uses her intuitive skills to ignite and inspire the knowingness in us all. Her 'happy place' is sitting right in the middle of the frey, bold and free, taking on anything that gets in the way of humanities, self-empowerment, and self-actualization. Deb not only speaks from the heart but from the mind of reason and logic, with a deep and personal understanding of the struggles life can hold. She is a powerful voice for activating change. Deb works closely with entrepreneurs to provide business growth solutions. She is also a graphic artist and designer and has her own line of products. (She also revels in creating art that can be worn, ridden or hung.)

Krystene Du Maurier is an interactive intuitive channel and energetic healer, and is an Advisor on 12Listen as well as a teacher and educator at 12Academy. Her passion sits squarely in Quantum Mechanics and alchemic practices, teaching and facilitating workshops that enable and empower individuals to identify this incredible ability within themselves. Her mantra: This isn't just for some of us. It is for ALL of us! Her 'happy place' is sitting right in the middle of a dense and heavy energetic block, sleuthing out the through-lines that will ultimately generate release, renewal, and a beautiful re-birth of the phenomenal Authentic Self. Her life's work and teachings bring a deeper sense of self and self-love that organically radiates out to friends, family and loved ones, and ultimately the world.

Krystene is a concert pianist, composer and record artist and has created multiple albums and sound healing programs specifically designed to create an environment for healing in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being. To become "healed" simply means to become "whole" and her musical compositions are intended to act as a catalyst towards this goal.
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For those looking for that little push that is required, some days, some weeks, some seasons throughout the year. The kick-start has the juice to lovingly shove you out the door, launch you off the cliff and throw you in the deep end of this little place called Your Life. Join us each week for a dose of kick-start energy to get you going, keep you moving and build momentum in the direction of your great destiny, today.