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Kryschendo: Personal growth and awareness through steady increase and expansion in all directions and all ways.

Our Mission:

We are here to help you co-Create and Thrive in your life without limits. We will support your capacity to Lead and Empower yourself and others, especially when it feels like no one else will follow. Our mission is to help you live your life in the full Expression of Abundance and share your Magical Truth with the world.

Our Commitment:

We are committed to lifting up and celebrating the truth in each of us. Personal growth can be challenging but is the ​only way to feel supremely alive and in perpetual flow with our genuine desires that produce the current here and now. Like fingerprints we are each unique and have something distinctly different to bring to this time and space, so we challenge you to "bring it" in a way that is bold, truthful and free - each and every day.

Our Invitation:
​​Join us as we share stories, insights, inspiration and the tools needed to feel free and fully empowered. Free to not simply survive but thrive in this lifetime. Please do share your story...the next story we share may likely be YOURS.

Krystene Du Maurier

"The music birthed the intuitive and the intuitive birthed the music."

Krystene comes from a long line of mystics and musicians. As a young child, Krystene was raised with classical music as her solid building block and disciplined platform for her intuitive gifts. A concert pianist by the age of 22, she turned her attention toward the mystic side of her roots where the same disciplined developmental protocol was required. Krystene, in here own words...

"Music and people have a vibrational signature that is in perfect balance with itself. If the balance has been distorted or contorted by outside frequencies, it is simply a matter of time before the distortion outweighs the original signature. In this distorted reality, depression, apathy and self-worth are the main energy signals, often accompanied by physical symptoms of disease and illness. The goal and focus through my gift is to re-set the weights and balances of the original signature which often includes distortions in the mind, emotional body and physical body. This ultimately brings back to the forefront of the human experience a steady flow of vitality, clarity of thought and clear intent. Life passion and life purpose are successfully restored and in their proper place."

The thru-line of her training ultimately coalesced into her story and just like music she could easily communicate and dialogue with people on the desires of health and well being or the pain points of stress and dis-ease. Through practical application of vibrational modalities, she is able to return the body, mind and spirit back to homeostasis (aka: harmony), ultimately allowing the individual Life Purpose to have the wide highway to thrive, prosper and grow. 

Krystene has dedicated her life to the principle workings and synthesis of the physical world. She shares this with you thru Numerology and psychic gifts that help you heal, see around the next bend and get messages from loved ones.  Krystene deeply cares about you and living life in abundance. 

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Myscha Du Maurier

Firestarter Myscha Du Maurier is a motivational speaker and educator who uses his intuitive skills to ignite and inspire the ‘knowingness’ in us all. Myscha not only speaks from the heart but from the mind of reason and logic, with a deep and personal understanding of lifes’ inherent challenges. He is a powerful voice with a singular focus to activate change. With that said, Myscha, in his own words...

"I have spent much of my adult life looking for the 'U' (aka: Me) in "Us". I found my passion in the arts and endurance sports all of my life and yet I was slugging it out in corporate America, to make an impact, for over two decades.  I have come to integrate the artist, storyteller, intuitive, business leader, activator and athlete into one very unique package. And I look forward to working with the boldest, most battle scarred and most determined of you out there to help in any way I can.  You are not alone and not without your own stories of challenge and endurance, knowingness and suffering, tenacity and triumph. You are after all, my teachers in this world."

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