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Get your various reports to understand the deepest parts of who you are and why you are here doing this thing called life. Is there a reason and a purpose to it? Absolutely! Is there a reliable roadmap to help you navigate your life, each year and monthly movement along the way supporting your success and prosperity in career, relationship and personal aims and goals? Absolutely!


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Introduction: Personal Year Number (PYN)

Personal Year Number monthly recordings and written out directives will be sent to you after confirmation of purchase: the TO-DO’s & TO-DON’Ts list for your personal success in business, relationships and personal aims and goals. Like a mama watching over her children, these recordings and written out PDF directives are designed to keep you far away from the ‘time-out’ chair of life! Following the clear and concise Do’s & Don’ts lists for each and every month is a sure-fire way to keep you focused and clear, with a laser-sharp sight on your personal aims and goals. Get your monthly PYN reports below.


Buy a single month or a multi-month bundle of 3, 6, 9 or 12. 

Short and Comprehensive Reports

Short Profile Numerology Report is ideal to get you started on understanding and learning your you in the language of numerology. This generated report is based on your full name at birth, your date of birth, and the name you currently use to introduce yourself to others.This report covers 3 of the main and important houses in your chart: Your Life Path, Expression and Heart’s Desire and will help you begin to understand in accurate detail the reasons why you are here on this planet and what is it that you are wanting to accomplish on this round of life. Too out there to be true? Try us and see for yourself.


Comprehensive Numerology Report is based on your full name as written on your birth certificate, your date of birth, and the name you are currently using to introduce yourself to others. Included in this report is your Life Path, Heart's Desire, Personality, Maturity, Subconscious Self, Cycles, Pinnacles and Challenges, Planes of Expression, Karmic Debts and Karmic Lessons. You will also receive a shortened version of your current Personal Year Cycle directives for each month and daily information that you can use to guide your life.  You don't need to know anything about numerology to be able to enjoy and benefit from this detailed and informative report.

Your chart will be delivered to you within 24 hours of purchase confirmation. This report makes a lovely gift for birthdays and special occasions.

Relationship Compatibility Report

Relationships, love and friendships. We've all got them and let's face it communication can be a challenge and many of us find ourselves in relationship survival mode. How about changing it to a thriving mode! This report will not only help you understand the unique aspects of each individual involved, but also highlight the areas that need a little bit of TLC, compromise and understanding - including you to yourself and you with others. This report is also a great tool to use when entering into a new relationship or business, giving you a heads-up at what to expect moving forward.

Your chart will be delivered to you within 24 hours of purchase confirmation. This report makes a lovely gift for birthdays and special occasions.


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