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A power-house package that truly will cover ALL of the bases for your soon-to-be working relationship with Numerology!


Description: This is more than a starter kit - it is literally all you will need to get going with Numerology and a clear road map for your life. It includes:

1) Your comprehensive chart built off the name you were given at birth as well as the day, month and year you were born.

2) Your personal year overview recording:  45 minutes to an hour long, depending on the current year you are in. These recordings also will explain HOW the 9 year cycles work and WHAT their function is for you personally this year, and the years ahead.

3) 3 months of your Personal Year recordings: 25-40 minutes in length, depending on what needs to be covered for the 30 or so day cycle.

4) 3 months of your To-Do’s & To-Don’ts written out directives:

Note: you will need to purchase each consecutive month's recordings moving forward at a minimal cost.


This purchase requires some of your basic information. Please send an email to Kryschendo with the following:

1) Name on your birth certificate
2) Common name you introduce yourself to others as of today
3) Date of birth: month, day and year


Thank you!

Personalized Numerology Bundle Kit - Starter Package with Reading

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