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Your Personal Year journey begins January 1 2021 and will be a part of your dominant expression and experience through December 31st 2021. What is this, you may be asking? It is one of the key components to your individual numerology chart and is based off of your day and month of birth, added to the current calendar year. Personal Year Numbers, the cardinal numbers 1-9 hold specific directives for our personal success and prosperity across the board of our lives, in our careers and relationships with others as well as ourselves. I cannot stress how incredibly helpful knowing and understanding your Personal Year number is, both in a wide-swath overview as well as monthly support for what to focus on and what not to focus on. As a Master Numerologist, I guarantee this is indeed, a duck that quacks.

Start with the Yearly overview recording and you can easily follow this up with picking up a month of directives, a bundle package of directives or you can purchase the entire years' directives in one fell swoop. 


Please reach out to Kryschendo if you are looking for something that is not offered.


This purchase requires some of your basic information. Please send an email to Kryschendo with the following:

1) Name on your birth certificate
2) Common name you introduce yourself to others as of today
3) Date of birth: month, day and year


Thank you!

Yearly Overview Recording with Reading