Teacher Love Thyself 4 Week Intensive

1:1 Sessions to be scheduled

This 4 week training intensive is an intimate deep-dive into the realms of active meditation through breath-work and visualization techniques. You will receive weekly class and meditation recordings as well as clearly written out documents to help your target progression as you merge with the subtle energy fields we commonly experience as life all in the comfort of your own home.

Cost: $800.00

All students have unlimited access to private sessions with Krystene at a reduced rate:

30 minutes: $90

60 minutes: $180


Once purchased, please send an email to schedule your appointment

Career Navigation: Building a Bridge to Your Next Adventure

1:1 Sessions to be Scheduled

Deb Du Maurier

Do you daydream about the next adventure that not only pays the bills but affords you an abundance of freedom to express yourself and your gifts authentically. This next move is the one you have dreamt in your mind over and over again with the same resulting question left unanswered, how to I get from here to there safely, without upsetting my health, hearth and home? 


I have rewritten my career path several times. I have lived the leap and learned to drop "the lack" leaving me to expand my thinking so I was free to dream, envision, plan and launch to the work that is my passion manifest. 

This intensive is designed as a 1:1 consulting and coaching workshop with the primary focus of helping you envision a new way of being in your job/new job every day. Then we will make a plan that will bring flow to a leap in your life. No matter how big or small you want that leap to be, you can have that change happen in your life. 

Cost: 5 - 75 minute sessions for $600